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Caches No’s 3018 to 3021 – Trigpoints on the Way Home

After raining all night it was surprisingly nice on Sunday morning, so I thought I might go back to the forest and see if it was practical to get to the Trig Point in the field next door to claim another YSM… but the field had been ploughed only a week before and then it had rained loads, so the field was not really possible to cross without getting exceedingly muddy.
Because of this I decided not to bother with the Salcey Forest YSM and headed off to the next nearest one, and then the next, and the next, and the next until I got home. Continue reading

Caches No’s 3000 to 3017 – Halloween Hides & Creepy Caches 2013

There were over a 1,000 cachers at the Halloween Mega. The organisers put out almost 50 caches during the daytime all of which were in an are no more than 2 miles square, some cachers walked 15 miles to get them all, spiraling round the footpaths. I spent all day in the hall helping on the UKCacheMag stall so didn’t get to do any caches during the day.
In the evening a further 20 or so caches were put out, so Adam and I went and had a walk round doing a combination of daytime and nighttime caches until it started raining, fortunately then we were in a location that made it convenient to quit and head back to the Community Centre where the event was based. It had rained heavily in the days before the event and there was the occasional shower during the day, and the paths in the forest suffered from 1,000 cachers waalking over them so it was very muddy in places… and I do not like mud – so I wasn’t too bothered that we didn’t do that many caches. Continue reading

Caches No’s 2989 to 2999 – The Way South to 3,000

I had written the numbers from 3000 to 2980 on a piece of paper and filled in all the caches I intended to find on the way down to Northampton in order against the high numbers and all the caches I had found in order against the lower numbers… the theory being that when there were no blank spaces left I would have just the right number of caches to get to he 3,000 milestone at the Mega.
But then on the night before I realised (fortunately) that I had missed out number 2988… so on my list of interesting caches on the way down to Northampton I had to fit in another cacheĀ  Continue reading

Caches No’s 2983 to 2988 – Falls Wood Bramley

A rainy weekend meant more time for planning the caches to go for on the way down to Northampton, I decided to be sensible and only go for the more select caches, a virtual, two Earthcaches, five YOSM’s and a traditional that was in the same place as one of the others… nine caches in all so I knew exactly how many caches I had to get in the four days left… I wrote it all down, numbered from 3000 down to 2983 and filled in the names of the caches so I knew exactly where I was… or so I thought !
Continue reading

Caches No’s 2976 to 2982 – Fifty Shades of Caching

Another dull, miserable and damp day but a morning appointment put me near Shipley so I thought I would go and get a few caches, and then a few more drive-by’s around home.
NOTE: It had to happen sometime that I deleted the photo’s from my camera instead of saving them, and it happened with the ones from this week… so for now they are temporary images that will be replaced when I revisit these spots and can re-photograph the caches Continue reading

Caches No’s 2966 to 2975 – Skipton in the Rain

As it had rained for the past four days and I had found a total of two caches I was still needing to find 29 more caches and the number of days was getting fewer and the weather forecast not looking any better so I decided that I would need to go out caching even though it was raining… this meant urban caches to avoid muddy conditions underfoot so I headed over to Skipton, first stopping at Embsay to grab a couple in the village there.
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