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Caches No’s 1081 to 1086 – Tramping the footpaths, at last

After four months of restricted movement and relative inactivity my sciatica seems to be fading away, which is good, cos it means that I can get out and find more caches, ones that aren’t roadside drive-bys and hopefully I can lose this extra stone and a half I have put on through doing no exercise for the past four months – it’s about 150 days since I last went to the gym !
I have got this thought that I ought to buy myself a mountain bike, that way I could cycle between caches, which would mean being able to go further in a session and thus do more caches, and it would be better exercise than walking, there are a lot of caches in the 10 mile radius of my house that are 15 minutes apart walking – only 4-5 minutes apart cycling. Continue reading

Caches No’s 1068 to 1080 – A Weekend Away Part IV : The Drive North

April 11th 2011 – HELP!!!Which way to NAM? GC2EGFK – cache #1068
Another weekend over and time to begin the journey home, which would start by finishing the Channel Link caches that were to the north of where I was staying. However the first cache I did was on the road out of town and was hidden behind the road sign on a very busy road… funny how there were cars everywhere as I pulled into the layby and walked back to the sign, but then conveniently there was a long gap in the traffic while I retrieved the cache and signed the log, made up for some of the disturbances I’d had on the way down ! Continue reading

Caches No’s 1036 to 1067 – Channel Link Phase 2

April 10th 2011 – Channel Link #18 – Shapwick Hill GC2AYB0 – cache #1036
Sunday,  and I had all afternoon free to go caching, so I drove down the Motorway to the next Junction and took up my Channel Link caching from there. The first one of the day was in a field entrance gate where you got a good view over the Somerset levels to Glastonbury Tor Continue reading

Caches No’s 1028 to 1035 – Channel Link Phase 1

I’d decided that while I was down in the South if I had time I would do the Channel Link series which is a set of 55 caches on a 60 mile route from Weston Super Mare on the Bristol Channel to West Bay on the English Channel. Reading the cache logs it seemed that the whole shebang normally takes about 8-10 hours and then there’s a 90 minute drive back to where you started from. I was never going to have a single chunk of time available like that so I decided I would have to split it up between two or three days.
So Saturday morning I had a couple of hours free, so I set out to begin the trail – as before I was only going to stop if there was a suitable parking place and no-one around. Continue reading

Caches No’s 1011 to 1013 – Trains and Phones and Pubs

March 22nd 2011 – ‘t Woolpack GC2NNZ1 – cache #1011
A cache only a mile or so from where I work – which took me two attempts to get it due the first time to the number of people sitting around outside the pub on a sunny lunchtime, with nothing better to do than watch what the passer’s by were doing – and in this case the only passer by was me ! Continue reading