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Cache No. 2350 – Last Cache of 2012

31st December 2012 – Gateway to the Gate GC40H8F – cache #2350
This was my 950th and final cache of 2012 – and curiously enough has exactly the same co-ordinates as the last cache I did in 2011 – the now archived Moor The Merrier GC36YT8 (whose pot forms a ‘red herring’ for this cache).

The cache wasn’t that hard to find as it is in plain sight and easily accessible – if you manouevred your car to the right position next to the gate you could just reach out of the window and get the cache ! Continue reading

Caches No’s 2255 to 2305 – JumpStart the 2nd Big Bang

Wednesday night I was at the 12:12:12 event in Harrogate when Mel shouted across the room “Are you coming out with us on Sunday to do Jumpstart’s new series ? – I’ll text you the details tomorrow” You don’t really get the chance to say no with Mel – One of the details she texted me with the next day was that it was to be a 7:30am start
So there I was, up at 5:00am on a Sunday morning in order to pick up Goldfish58 in Harrogate and then drive for an hour and a half to Beswick… Are we all mad ? It’s still dark at 7:30am, but waiting in the layby changing into their boots and walking gear were Bob Adams and Mel&Freddie17. Continue reading

Cache No. 2254 – GC41E75 12.12.12 Few Drinks

The 12:12:12 souvenir commemorates the last calendar alignment this century. The 12-12-12 souvenir was awarded to anyone who logged an “Attended” for an Event Cache or a “Found it” on another cache type on December 12, 2012.

12th December 2012 – 12.12.12 Few Drinks GC41E75 – cache #2254
In order for people to have this souvenir a cache event was arranged by Goldfish58 at the Squinting Cat pub in Harrogate, there were a couple of dozen or so cachers in attendance, though I only could stay for an hour as I had to be elsewhere later in the evening Continue reading

Cache No. 2253 – GCKMH6 Miles Apart

There is a cache near me that has it’s co-ordinates on 6 Travel Bugs which circulate in Yorkshire, I had never found any of these TB’s and it didn’t seem worth the bother to go out specifically to find them, but at the st December event someone brought along TB#3 which I photographed it so I had record of the numbers.

One morning a a couple of weeks later I was downloading photographs from my camera to my PC and came across the one of the TB, so I opened up the cache page to note the numbers in the Personal Cache Note section, and for the first time read the full cache page… and I read that the TB’s lead you to various mileposts which you use the numbers from to work out the co-ordinates of the final waypoint which is a milepost with Kirskill Hall on it…. Continue reading

Caches No’s 2243 to 2252 – Not Christmas Shopping in York (Again)

Last year I wrote a post called “Caches No’s 1385 to 1394 – Not Christmas Shopping in York”, which started off “Every year I take my Mother to do some Christmas shopping in York on or about the first Saturday in December, normally for me this means a few hours mooching around the shops, but as this year it promised to be such a nice day I took along my GPS loaded up with York City Centre caches and went caching” – well this year the caching trip, I mean shopping trip was on a Monday, but apart from that last years tale can be repeated for 2012 Continue reading