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Caches No’s 1252 to 1267 – A Trip To Wales, Day 1

As the weather was looking pretty good I decided to take a week off work and go away to Wales for a few days. My main reason was to go and ride on a train across the main road at Porthmadog (I think I’ll probably have to put up a blog post about that !).
On the way down I had the option of sticking to the motorways and dual carriageway A55, or to take a more scenic route. I took the scenic route and started with a few caches in Cheshire on the Skeg to Ness series Continue reading

Caches No’s 1241 to 1251 – Cyclocaching the first time

In an attempt to get fit I bought a bike and as it was a nice sunny late afternoon I decided to try Cyclocaching along the canal towpath from Silsden. There was another reason for starting at Silsden, there were caches going each way, so I could do one lot, and then if I was still feeling fit I could go the other way along the canal and do some more.

Continue reading

Caches No’s 1237 to 1240 – A Sunset Walk Along the River

Saturday evening and it was nice and sunny so I decided to go for a little jaunt along the River Wharfe at Burnsall, as usual I decided to start by walking out to the furthest away cache and then grabbing the others as I returned. This evening was made more interesting as the nearer I got to Grassington the louder I could hear Boney M playing their gig at the Grassington Festival ! Continue reading

Caches No’s 1233 to 1236 – A Walk Around York

A Saturday in York called for a walk around the walls and a grab of a few caches where it was possible to do so without interference from the hoardes of people visiting York on a Sunny Saturday

25th June 2011 – York Micro #8 The Red Tower GC1FAMK – cache #1233
I couldn’t find this cache at first – as I was looking on the wrong side of the wall, when I got up onto the walkway I saw where the cache must be and went back to get it, then I had to read all the information boards very slowly to wait for the passers-by to leave the area before I could grab the cache. Continue reading