Monthly Archives: September 2022

Caches No’s 6114 to 6123 – Duckwars 2022

Duck Wars is a duck racing event Kerry holds on the Chesterfield canal. It takes place in the middle of nowhere, at a Lock which is about equidistant from the road and car park along the canal in either direction.

It was the first time I had been to the event, I knew where it was because I went with her (and others) on a walk along the canal a few years ago (cache #4673 30/3/19) to make sure this particular lock was suitable and in a good condition for her Duck Wars duck race.

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Caches No’s 6097 to 6113 – Hyke Around Hykeham 10

I forget how many times I have been to the Amasons’ Hyke around Hykeham event in Lincoln, the first one I went to was in 2015, and they missed the last couple of years for one reason or another, so I guess this was my 6th visit – and most of the usual faces were there, and it was a nice sunny day to boot.
There is a lake just the football pitches length away from the venue and there were some caches and some Lab caches round it, so I had a walk round with Jeff (of CnJnA) to find them

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