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Caches No’s 3313, 3314 & 3315 – A Sunday Morning In Horsforth

Sunday morning and I decided that I had spent so much time watching football over the past few days that I needed to go out and get some fresh air. So I headed to Horsforth to find a few caches, one I knew exactly where the area it was in was as I used to work about 100 yards away and walk through the woods at lunchtime. The first cache I looked for, GC5092R Nymph I didn’t find – as with everyone else who has looked over the past 3 months I couldn’t find it. It is (or at least was) by a fishing pond, you have to think that some fisherman found it while waiting for a bite. Continue reading

Caches No’s 3311, 3312 & 3313 – A Long Walk In York City Centre

I went to York to do Church Micro No. 6000 and Quest in the combo, a new puzzle/multi cache (that actually I can’t write too much about without spoiling the surprise of anyone who reads this before doing it) – those being the only caches within the city centre I haven’t got smilies on… The four (and a bit!) mile trail of the puzzle cache took me near the Minster so I did a detour from it to circle round the minster gathering the clues for the CM – loads of English and foreign school parties looking around it when I was there. Continue reading

Caches No’s 3307, 3308 & 3309 – The Sicklinghall Saunter

With the World Cup starting the following day this was the last chance for a few weeks that I would have chance to go out caching in the evening, I have a habit of watching all the football matches at the World Cup, or at least all you can, so 56 out of the 64 games… So for the last evening I thought I needed to go and check on my cache placed at Kirkby Overblow, make sure it had stood up to the heavy rain over the previous weekend, then if it was okay I could have it published. The nearest caches to Kirkby that I haven’t found was a long established (well 5 year old) series called the Sicklinghall Saunter, so off to Sicklinghall I went. Continue reading

Caches No’s 3301 to 3306 – Driving Back Home

After dropping Angel78 off back home there was still daylight, and I wasn’t expected home until 10pm-ish  so I made a quick plan to get some more caches, my main ‘aim’ was to get a YOSM Trig Pillar at Hilton just to the West of Derby and in my GPS I had all the Church Micros in the area as well, so I looked at what was what and decided that there was an obvious route that got me a few more Church Micros as well as the YOSM   Continue reading

Caches No’s 3289 to 3300 – A Welsh Wales Holiday, Day 4

Monday and it was time to go home, we’d not really had long enough in Wales, I mean we were staying just outside the Snowdonia National Park and yet hadn’t had time to visit it at all, nor had we been to Llandudno and The Great Orme, or Caernarvon… we’re just going to have to go back again !
Monday morning was horrible and wet, the rain was pouring down from 7am and the caravan park slowly drowning as the puddles joined together to form large pools of water. Our plan was not to go back the quick dual carriageway route across North Wales, but to drive along the coast road because a) neither of us had ever been to the places on that road, and b) there was a cache in a place I particularly wanted to visit – as my Surname is Bettis I particularly wanted to visit Bettisfield, and fortunately by the time we got there the weather had improved a bit. Continue reading

Caches No’s 3282 to 3288 – A Welsh Wales Holiday, Day 3

Next day we decided that as we were in Wales we would go for a ride on one of the Great Little Trains, so after a check on ditances, timings and prices decided that it was best to drive to Blaneau Ffestiniog and ride from there on the Ffestiniog Railway down to Porthmadog… Turned out to cost a lot more than it needed to as I could have got 10% off if I had taken the tag I got in 2011 (I assumed that the tags were different each year and only the current year one was valid) and then we parked in the station car park, I bought a parking ticket, put it on the car dash like you are supposed to do, then Angel78 opened her door and a gust of wind blew the ticket out of the car, I chased after it across the car park, but then it blew up into the air and over the buildings and God knows where from there, so it was back to the machine and buy another ticket… £4.20 could have been saved on Rail Fares and £2.50 extra was spent on car parking ! Continue reading