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Caches No’s 4421 to 4442 -Devon Mega Part 4

2017 Mega Day 5

Beer… a seaside village in Devon, only a few miles away from the Bicton Mega site, and you have to think that the event name ‘Swimming in Beer’ was thought of before the logistics of the event were even considered.
You see to have an event on a beach you don’t want a lot of ‘public’ around, so it had to be at 7:00 to 7:30am, and Beer doesn’t have a beach, it just has a steep pebble bank which is difficult to walk on as you sink into the pebbles at each step and pebbles are very uncomfortable to walk on Continue reading

Caches No’s 4375 to 4387 – The 2017 Devon Mega, Pt 1

I don’t go camping at geocaching event’s – when there are nice hotels nearby, for the Kent Mega I stayed in the Premier Inn and for Peebles I stopped in the local pub !
On this trip down south I stayed at the motorway services at Brean for Piratemania and here for the Mega in Devon I was staying in a pub 3/4 of a mile from the campsite… a nice 15 minute walk along a public footpath to a proper bed with a proper bathroom and breakfast made for me every morning. Much better than camping ! Continue reading