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Cache No. 4735 – The One at the NEC

11th May 2019 – NEC and LG Arena Cache GC1M16N – cache #4735
I came down to the NEC to attend the ‘Makers Central’ exhibition, a show put on by Youtube craftspeople, and saw this cache was nearby… as other finders have said you just need to take a seat on the bench and the cache is there in front of you…

Caches No’s 4691 to 4723 – Hamburg GIGA Part 2

The GIGA, the biggest caching event I have so far been to, and it really wasn’t a very exciting event, it seemed more like an event planned to be much smaller that got out of hand.
I guess the basic fact is that there was just nothing ‘special’ about it, when I think of all the effort we put into the 2018 UK Mega it seems we were organising a totally different type of event.

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Cache No’s 4681 to 4690 – Hamburg GIGA Part 1

In Geocaching terms a Mega event is one that gets more than 500 attendees, and this used to be a rare and occasional thing, but now as people are willing to travel further and meet up with friends that they made at previous Megas the events with more than 500 attendees become more and more common, so Groundspeak invented a new category of event, the Giga event – one that has more than 3000 people – of which there have been 6 in the world so far (one in the USA, 1 in the Czech Republic and 4 in Germany)
Another Giga was announced last Autumn, at Hamburg in Germany, so Jen and I decided we would go. Continue reading