Monthly Archives: September 2014

Cache No. 3433 – Quiet Drinks GC5C7P9

Due to an agonisingly painful reccurence of the trapped nerve in my back, which had been grumbling on since February, my attempts to fill the caching calendar failed, the next blank days I had were the 7th and 8th September, but by then I was in severe discomfort and barely able to stand up, let alone walk or drive – well I couldn’t even sit down. On the 9th the Doctor was called for a home visit – no way could I get down to the surgery… And I was prescribed stronger painkillers and anti-inflammatories – which seemed to do the job of at least getting me moving again after a fashion because I was left with a numb sensation down my left leg and a limp because the nerves don’t fire the muscles to my left ankle so I can’t bend it with any force or weight on it. Continue reading

Cache No. 3432 – Wooden Sculpture GC4VTED

3rd September 2014 – Wooden Sculpture GC4VTED – cache # 3432
Yet another blank day on my caching calendar so I went to find a cache… I Was a little worried when I got to GZ and saw some cord hanging with nothing on the bottom, but a closer examination found that this was nothing to do with the cache (I have seen caches in similar locations hanging from cords like this) Continue reading

Cache No. 3431 – Bug’s Eye View GC56YQ5

2nd September 2014 – Bug’s Eye View GC56YQ5 – cache # 3431
After a quick shopping trip I went out on to Ilkley moor to find a cache.
You get Bug’s Eye View of my house from here (where the arrow points to) …. well 4.2miles away down the valley anyway, that means you don’t get that clear a view, but it was nice and sunny and not too hot for walking up hill, so a nice cache to fill a blank calendar day Continue reading