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New Years Eve, 1988-89

Another random packet of photographs pulled from the drawer and this time it’s the ’88-’89 New Years Eve Dance

As I recall we used to have great NYE dances, this was the second one that was held at Batley Town Hall. We had a coach to collect the Waffledale group along with our neighbours from Horsforth and Pudsey. Looking at the pictures I am guessing it was a fancy dress dance, though I can’t for the life of me see any common thread to the costumes to determine the theme… I’d say Vicars, Punks and Tarts except for two reasons… 1) Roger is not wearing his dog collar… and Roger went as a Vicar to almost every fancy dress event whether it fitted in with the theme or not !
And 2) There are definitely Punks and Tarts… but where the Garden Gnomes came into this theme I don’t know ! Continue reading

Caches Nos. 169 to 179 – Motorway Mayhem ? ? ?

There are many caches in the Motorway Mayhem series all up and down the country (and probably over the waters as well). They are designed to break up a tedious journey. The locations are within a couple of minutes of the Motorway (and main A road) junctions & are intended to be found quickly.

I was heading south again and as the Clocks had gone back the night before it was no bother to get up and set out an hour early, giving me some extra time to stop off and do some cacheing on my way down to Worcestershire.
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Cache No. 168 – Pump house (N Yorks)

October 24th 2009 –  Pump house (N Yorks)  GCBDA5 – Cache #168

This is a virtual cache, a virtual cache according to the rules of the game is –
“a cache that exists in a form of a location. Depending on the cache “hider,” a virtual cache could be to answer a question about a location, an interesting spot, a task, etc. The reward for these caches is the location itself and sharing information about your visit.

Because of the nature of these geocaches, you must actually visit the location and acquire the coordinates there before you can post. In addition, although many locations are interesting, a virtual cache should be out of the ordinary enough to warrant logging a visit.”

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Watery Vodka – and a Chip Fight

‘Oh what a night, Late September back in sixty three’…. erm, no… actually ‘Oh what a night, Late June nineteen eighty nine’ – What a very special night. The venue was the Northgate Arena in Chester, the event of course, the 1989 Chester Beach Party.

This particular year’s beach party was one of my favourite Plus events of all time I don’t know what it was about it, could have been the company, could have been the vodka, could have been the blue Bols, or the journey home, or all of it. Anyway, back in the 80’s there was a ‘National’ 18 Plus event held every year in the big sports centre in Chester, started off with an evening swimming session in the leisure pool, which had a beach area with plants and an elephant ! a slide and proper lanes to swim in in the deep end – and a poolside bar, then the evening progressed into the main function room for a summer disco until the early hours. Continue reading