Monthly Archives: March 2014

Caches No’s 3077 to 3081 – Some New Local Caches

As I have said on many occasions previously I’m not interested in FTF’s so I don’t bother dashing out for new caches, and when 2 caches popped up down in the town I didn’t pan on going to find them, I thought I’d just leave them until next time I was down there… but 15 minutes later another one appeared just 400 yds from my front door so I thought it would be rude not to go and find it… Continue reading

Caches No’s 3073 to 3076 – The “Real” First Caches of the Year

At the end of January I suffered from a trapped nerve in my back, not sciatica like in 2011 but a different nerve cluster. I guess it is because I spent January sat down hiding indoors instead of doing any exercise but anyway there was a week where I could hardly move at all (coudln’t even roll over or get out of bed without a lot of effort and pain) and another week where I could hardly stand up let alone walk… So caching wise February was a complete write off – fortunate that I filled all the dates in on the calendar last year then !
My caching stats say my longest ‘slump’ was 81 days without a find from 17/11/2009 to 06/02/2010… This time my slump between finding caches really was from 14/12/2013 to 07/03/2014 – 83 days, but because I went to the pub once in that time it doesn’t appear as my longest slump Continue reading