Monthly Archives: August 2021

Caches No’s 5597 to 5634 – London Calling – Part II

We had ambled along from Westminster to St Katharines Docks on the North side of the river, now Kerry and I had limited time so we split form the rest and carried on a little faster, first doing the caches around St Katherine’s Docks and then crossing Tower Bridge to return to Westminster doing the caches along the South bank of the river

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Caches No’s 5561 to 5566 – A Walk Around The Tarn

A little walk around Yeadon Tarn after work to get this new(ish) set of Lab Caches that had appeared.. a straightforward set, nothing really to say about them other than that they were there !
Oh, and to say that Yeadon tarn seems to have developed the name Tarnfield Park, presumably by the council trying to promote it’s leisure facilities

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Caches No’s 5550 to 5560 – Meteorgazing in York

Timelord442, better known as Simon, was the youngest person on the Lincs Mega Committee. He is also a student at York University and a keen astronomer, and was holding a night time event in York the Friday night after the Mega to gather together to spot meteors.
So a few of us decided that we ought to support him and headed over to York to stand in the middle of an open space for half an hour

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