Monthly Archives: December 2018

Caches No’s 4656, 4657 & 4658 – 2018 in 2018, or just 187

The final day of 2018, as last year we got a souvenir for finding a cache on New Years Eve so that wasn’t the reason for going caching at all, we had a much more impressive milestone to reach. Choice of location for going caching was determined more by a hospital appointment than a concious desire to do these particular caches, any caches would have done. Continue reading

Caches No’s 4642 to 4655 – Not Unlucky in Southport

Next day Jen and I headed for the seaside – well with a team name like ‘Life’s a Beach’ is it any wonder we often find ourselves at the seaside ?
The seaside in question this time was Southport, I haven’t been to Southport since 2000, and that was for work purposes rather than sightseeing, for tourist stuff I haven’t been since about 1971 and the seafront has changed a whole lot since then

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