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Caches No’s 4307 to 4344 – Paws For Thought

The Caley Cache Fest organisers had set up a puzzle series – the PAWS Series, and published them a few weeks before the even to give people chance to find them, I had a fun afternoon at work solving them, most were about various aspects of Scotland, some were easy, some of the geographical ones I was able to solve because of previous holidays in Scotland and some just took google and google image search to solve. But I had all the answers ready… as did Bev, so on the Sunday I went off to the forest where the series was located with Firefox3, Clare from the Linedancers and Big Fish. Caches were signed as Team Ted – Ted being the canine part of Firefox3’s team Continue reading

Caches No’s 4285 to 4306 – Caledonian Cache Fest Part 1

SO, without YOSM’s to detour me from the boring direct roads from ‘a’ to ‘b’ I had to think of something else to do on my way up to Scotland for ‘The Caledonian Cache Fest’, a new event being held in the border region of Scotland. The first outing of the event was to be held in Peebles.
The answer to what to look for on my way up North without resorting to ‘normal’ caches was to devise a route up via old Virtual caches

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Caches No’s 4271 to 4284 – Kent Mega 2017 Part 3

And so Monday dawned and it was time to drive the 200 and odd miles home again, I had a route planned that took in a few more YOSM’s – as there was now only a week or so to go for YOSM’s I was prepared to drive a bit further out of my way to get a last few.
But first there was a final Kent Mega event to attend, the Dog Walk event (Not that I, like many of the attendees, had a dog to walk !)

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