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Caches No’s 2770, 2771 & 2772 – Fewston View

Some people use one email address for everything… I use 15 different email addresses because I have different ones for different things – for example I buy and sell things on ebay so if I buy things on one ebay account I sell it on the other and to get a different ebay account you need a different email address. So that’s one reason. Then I have different Facebook accounts for different hobbies so one group of people I know through one subject don’t get bombarded with messages about another subject they have no interest… and so on it goes.
The point to this is that I do not use my phone for sending or receiving emails, so when new caches come out I do not get notifications sent to my phone but have to wait until I turn my computer on to see them. Continue reading

Caches No’s 2763 to 2769 – Rocks and Caverns

My Sister and nieces – The Twirlagirls from Wiltshire, were up visiting and we had that Sunday would consist of a visit to Stump Cross Caverns and Brimham Rocks… as the weather forecast was for showers in the morning and a sunny afternoon we went to the caves first (and for once the weather forecast was accurate, it poured it down in the morning and was lovely and sunny in the afternoon !) Continue reading

Caches No’s 2754 to 2762 – I’ll be in Scotland Afore Ye, (If Only Just)

Team MX (otherwise known as Dave) has a bit of a thing about doing old caches, caches set in the first couple of years of Geocaching’s existence, and he was looking for someone to go with him on a quest to the Scottish border to find a couple of caches placed in July 2001. The thing is that these caches aren’t just on the Scottish Border, they are on the Border in the most difficult to reach part of the country, nearest road about 3.5 miles and two or three hillsides away. So he put a call out for people to go on the walk with him and several people seemed interested, but when it came down to it, just like last time the final tally was Team MX, Printerfixerman, Lady the dog and myself. Continue reading