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Caches No’s 2601 to 2610 – A Caching Streak ?

Another thing that Cachers talk about is the length of their caching ‘streak’, that is the number of consecutive days on which they have found a Geocache… some people do a full year, some much much longer, the longest local one is Bob Adam’s whose streak lasted 1,111 days (just a couple of weeks over 3 years) the longest one I know of in the UK is Mario McTavish who gave up at 1,500 days (4 years and a month). My longest streak was a whole 9 days back in March 2010… so as I had done 3 consecutive days and the weather was still looking reasonable I thought I would go on finding a cache a day for another week until I got a new longest streak of 10 days ! Continue reading

Caches No’s 2595 to 2600 – Onwards to 2600 !

The thing about going to events is that you get inspired to go a bit out of your comfort zone to find caches, I chatted a lot at the event to people who go miles to find a particular cache and one type of thing that is becoming increasingly popular in a ‘Brew with a view’ events, held at the top of hills, remote ones in the Lake District or Brrecon Beacons… caches that take an uphill walk of several miles to get to and are probably the only cache you will find on that day. For me the closest similar alternative means picking off the individual caches that have been left near home that are not easy to get to. Continue reading

Caches No’s 2574 to 2594 – A Cachiversary Challenge

Cachiversary ? is that a useable term for your caching anniversary ? It’s the one I use anyway. I found my first Geocache on 30th May 2009 and in previous years to mark my cachiversary I have found 5/5 puzzle caches, but this year for my 4th cachiversary I wanted to do something different.
At the beginning of May Richlay published a CITO event for the 2nd of June and mentioned on his listing that as there was a nearby event the same night the two could be used as the basis to do a cache called “BUSY DAY!–WEST YORKSHIRE- ICON CHALLENGE” which requires you to find 6 different cache icons (including an Earthcache) in a day, and also a cache called “The Magnificent Seven Challenge Cache” which requires you to find all seven cache sizes (Large, Regular, Small, Micro, Other, Not Chosen & Virtual) in a day.
This got me thinking, and planning, and I decided that I could extend this Busy Day idea to get a few more cache types and icons in the day for my Cachiversary Challenge Continue reading