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The disappearance of GEOCACHING ROCKS! Geocoin

I’d put the Geocoin out for my 1,000th cache find, with the goal of it finding another 1,000 caches itself along the way.
So 21st November 2010 it was released into the wild, in cache Bridge over the River Wharfe…. where it stayed until Boxing Day, when it was collected and moved on to the Eccup Challenge #10 Cache (17.6 miles away) on New Years Day.
The following day it was picked up and dropped off in Peppers Pastime 1 cache (42.8 miles away) on 15th January.

A week later it had disappeared.

On the 20th a cacher visited and didn’t mention the coin, on 22nd a cacher logged that the coin was not present
Both those cachers have just over 1,000 finds (like me) and so seem unlikely to have not logged the coin if they had found it.

The geocoins current status is “missing”

The only hope is that it was found and collected by someone who occasionally caches but doesn’t log their finds at (not all people do – like my friend Angel78 who has 22 finds officially, but has found more than that with me !) and has since placed the coin elsewhere and it will resurface and be relogged back onto the system.

I could go to the cache and see whether anyone else wrote in the log that week, but it is in Scunthorpe, so not really on the way to or from anywhere to go and find it.