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Caches No’s 1001, 1002 & 1003 – Three New Ones

New caches are being put out all the time. Two more new caches appeared midweek inside the range of a lunchtime caching trip from work, so on the Friday I ventured out to look for them. We’d had a dusting of snow overnight and the temperature had been below zero so the ground was mainly frosted over, which was good as it meant it wasn’t so muddy underfoot !

26th November 2011 – SCOTLAND IN SHIPLEY 2 GC2JNJW – cache #1001
This cache is the replacment for a cache I found back in May, and was much easier to find than the last one ! The previous cache was hidden in a crevice out of sight and difficult to reach, this new one is at ground level hidden by a couple of stones. Continue reading

Trackable No.1 – Geocaching Rocks! Geocoin

This is the Geocoin that I released into my 1,000th found cache.
It was given to me by my friend Adam (DivingDJ) who was the one who introduced me to Geocaching. He had these coins designed and minted by Landsharkz.

The design combines his hobby of Geocaching, with his job of DeeJaying Rock Karaoke nights in the bars of Coventry Continue reading

Caches No’s 997-1000 – Millenium

And so we get to the 1,000th cache, I was going to do one of the major landmark caches, Whitespace, Werewolf etc, up on Saddleworth Moor, but unfortunately the weather isn’t really the best in November for tramping across a bog in the middle of nowhere, so I will save them for next Summer (1,500th, 2,000th maybe !)

21st November 2010 – Less is Moor GC2C939 – cache #997
Instead I went up to a place that I’ve always liked visiting – the Bolton Abbey Estate, and the first cache I did was an easy find, the usual roots of tree, hidden by a rock, but in this case the tree was at the top of a 25ft almost sheer banking and the cache was hidden on the side of the tree with the slope, and it was muddy and wet and a little slippery underfoot… Continue reading

Caches No’s 992 to 996 – Micro Meander

A cold, damp and misty Saturday afternoon and I went to Knaresborough to do a little caching, the micro meander is a short walk around a riverside park which has 7 caches on it with another one that’s just a slight detour from the route, perfect for a quick hour of caching (cos that’s how long you get for 30p in the car park !)

20th November 2010 – Micro Meander No.1 GC1ZNR5 – cache #992
The first cache of the series is quite easy to find, being a magnetic nano hidden under a picnic table by the river, and on a wet Saturday afternoon (it was beginning to rain a little bit) there was nobody having a picnic Continue reading

Caches No’s 986 to 991 – Sudoku, Highways & Byways

Another sunny Sunday morning and a couple of hours free to grab some caches, with the marathon caching sessions the weekend before I was no longer chasing all the caches I could find to get to 1,000 by the end of the year – from needing to find 2 caches per day I was down to needing to find one cache every 3 days – so a bare handful of caches for the weekend would be fine

14th November 2011 – Sudoku in the park GC2GN7M – cache #986
A puzzle cache, a sudoku even, with the starting numbers in the grid supposedly got by doing a bit of googling of the history of the park (Golden Acre Park) and then some more numbers got by finding answers within the park, then you can work out the sudoku and find the co-ordinates for the cache. Continue reading

Cache No 985 – Serendipity

10th November 2011 – Serendipity GC2HWBG – cache #985
While I was away at the weekend another new cache appeared that was just within range for my lunchtime caching sessions. So on a bright sunny Wednesday lunchtime I went off to find the cache down by the canal, and found a whole host of people enjoying the sunshine on the canal banks. However the presence of swans and ducks on the canal being fed by small children gave me the opportunity to get to the cache by pretending to take photographs of the birds, and then once I had wandered off and signed the log I used the same ruse to get back to the wall in which the cache was hidden to put it back.

Continue reading