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Caches No’s 2735 to 2747 – Virtuals, Earthcaches and Survey Monuments going North

Sunday, and after another weekend of eating the wrong foods, drinking too much, generally acting rowdy with my friends and waking up in the morning thinking that I am really too old for this it was time to  set off on the meandering drive back home. First of all I didn’t find a Survey Monument YSM042 – Walpole St Peters. This Trig Point is on Private Land in somebody’s garden and can’t be seen from the road for the thick hedge surrounding the garden… So unfortunately I couldn’t even get to see to it to log it as a find  Continue reading

Caches No’s 2723 to 2734 – Caching around King’s Lynn

It’s amazing how many of my friends are now cachers, on a camping weekend with people from all over there were Caticehurst, UKCacheMag, Hublander, Beaniebabe28, Stucuk & TT and while we were talking about it we got another couple interested, Giles and Jackie – who got their phone out, sigend up on the website, downloaded the geocaching app and came out caching with Adam (UKCacheMag) and myself to find their first few caches. we started off with some local drivebys on the way from the camping ground to King’s Lynn town centre
Continue reading

Caches No’s 2708 to 2722 – Virtuals, Earthcaches and Survey Monuments going South

It was time for my annual camping trip to Norfolk (see caches 52-59, 620-630, 1299-1303 and 1912-1941 for previous years) and I was wanting my drive down to be a little more interesting than just stopping off in laybys and grabbing driveby caches… So I made a decision that as I was bored of ‘Traditional’ caches I would concentrate on the non-signing ones, Virtuals, Earthcaches and Survey Monuments.
I generated a database of all these caches nationally and plotted their locations on Memory Map and then worked out routes to and from Kings Lynn that visited as many of these points as was practically possible. The ‘normal’ route is about 150 miles, and I didn’t want to be ridiculous so I restricted myself to 25% further  each way. The ‘normal’ trip would take about 3 hours… My routes took a little longer, as well as the ‘interesting’ caches I had included a few drivebys en-route ! Continue reading

Caches No’s 2706 & 2707 – Saturday Evening at Bolton Abbey

Saturday evening and I hadn’t found a cache for a week – well there are hardly any to find locally and it had been too hot to venture far from the cool indoor shade !
So as it was a little cooler I decided to go caching… but still feeling bored of finding magnetic nanos stuck on the back of random signposts and fighting through nettles and brambles for a muddy film tub I wanted to do something more interesting, so I headed off to Bolton Abbey to do the Virtual Cache there Continue reading

Caches No’s 2658 to 2705 – The York Mega Series II Northern Loop

Through the power of Facebook I had arranged to meet Team MX and anyone else interested in the village of Terrington to do the Northern Loop of the York Mega Series II. The York Mega Series II has 100 caches split into two loops, the Northern one being the shorter having only 45 caches, but having more hills. July was an exceptionally hot month and Saturday 13th had been the hottest day of the year, fortunately Sunday 14th was about 5° cooler, but it was still hot and sunny. Continue reading

Caches No’s 2655 to 2657 – Don’t Sign on the Dotted Line

There was little doubt that when I did the Cachiversary challenge the cache I found most interested in was the YOSM, there was something entertaining about finding a location where there was no cache to find, no log to sign and that gave me another notch on my caching belt but not another smiley face. So when I arranged to meet some other cachers at a village near York to do a caching series I set off about an hour earlier than necessary so that I could take a couple of detours to grab another couple of YOSM’s on the way. Continue reading