Caches No’s 6405 to 6434 – Piratemania 15 Part I

It was the time of year again for what has become my main holiday of the year, the 11 day trip to Piratemania and the UK Mega.
This year Piratemania was held in Northamptonshire, and the Mega in Milton Keynes.

So on the Friday I loaded up my car with all my clothes, gadgets and my bike and set off to do some Lab caches on the way down to Piratemania at Naseby.

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Caches No’s 6399 to 6404 – Electric Cycle Cacheing

Back in September 2022 I ordered a Swytch electric conversion kit for my bike – I hadn’t ridden my bike for several years but had this idea that as this was the cheapest way of getting an electric bike I would get one… and it took until May to arrive.
But once I had it installed I had a bike that I could use for exercise even in my low level of fitness. So on fine evenings I started to go out for a ride.

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Caches No’s 6397 and 6398 – The Lost Caches

As I was looking through the photographs on my phone and deleting the old ones from it I came across two pictures of caches that I didn’t have entries for on this blog.

The first was from 4th September 2021, and has now been entered into the Blog as cache #5641(a)

The second lost cache was from Piratemania last year, and has been entered in its right chronological place as cache #5872(a)

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Caches No’s 6357 to 6396 – London Calling 2023 Part 5

Sunday, and I had a train to catch back to Leeds at half past five, but Angel78 was staying in the hotel room until Monday as the line back to Crewe was closed and she didn’t want to go home by bus. This was useful as it meant I didn’t have to carry my backpack around all day
We decided to walk down into the city centre and basically got to where we finished caching on Friday and then walked on to Trafalgar Square then to Westminster.
Almost all we did were Lab caches, but that was the same for most of the weekend really

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Caches No’s 6317 to 6356 – London Calling 2023 Part 4

We then split up, some hungry souls headed off for the nearest Frankie’n’Bennys – where Kerry gets them half price food, while others cached one way, and Matt, Angel78 and I headed for the next set of London Calling labs in Regents Park

This was going to be a complicated walk as there was an earlier set of Lab caches in the park, plus other caches to do, so we had to flick between devices and screens to work out the best route to cover everything

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Caches No’s 6283 to 6316 – London Calling 2023 Part 3

Saturday started with a Premier Inn breakfast, the price of the breakfast was cheaper than I have paid before at Premier Inns, not sure whether it was just that hotel or a global thing, but nice to save a few pounds on what I expected

We then had to get to the Venue for the event which was St Mary’s Church Hall in Marylebone, so a tube to Baker Street and then a walk to the Church

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