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Caches No’s 3130 to 3148 – A Visit To Wells

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Caches No’s 3130 to 3148 – A Visit To Wells

After the hangover the day before I didn’t drink quite so much vodka the next evening and so was fit and ready to go at the time Angel78 had determined we were to set off 10.24AM (much to the amusement of the people in her caravan who thought my promptness was a bit too much for a drunken weekend.
We had decided to go to Wells, and get a few caches on the way picking up a few caches along the way. As there are so many caches around we decided to only stop for Church Micros and Earthcaches (even though this meant we walked past some caches) Though parking up and picking up Church Micros is not always the easiest thing to do on a Sunday Morning.

13th April 2014 – Church Micro 4562… Mark – Baptist GC4T0WM – cache #3130
Two possibilities of where the cache would be, one on each side of the road… as usual I chose the wrong one (which means Angel78 chose the right one)

13th April 2014 – Church Micro 4561… Mark – Holy Cross GC4T0VR – cache #3131
We thought we understood the hint which was ‘turning point’ that we took to mean a gate hinge, got to a likely place and searched all over finding nothing…. then we crossed to the correct side of the road !


13th April 2014 – Church Micro 3088… Blackford GC3YYQT – cache #3132
Two possible places for the cache to be, as usual I chose the wrong one (which means Angel78 chose the right one)
This is twice I’ve written these same words in 3 caches… story of my life, I’m always wrong and Angel78 is always right (and we’re not even married !)
Nice church though !


13th April 2014 – Church Micro 3089… Wedmore Methodist GC3YYRT – cache #3133
Wedmore is a village with some rather posh houses and three church micros – although one of the churches is a house now rather than a place of worship)
A few possibilities as to which post the hint was referring to, but we got there in the end… and as I have said/logged many times before I like a cache with a convenient bench on which to sit and sign the log – which this cache has


13th April 2014 – Church Micro 4560… Wedmore – Baptist GC4T0VE – cache #3134
Straightforward find – well there’s only one place that matches the hint… but not made easier by the fact that it was a nice sunny morning and people living near the cache were out in their gardens


13th April 2014 – Church Micro 3093… Wedmore St Marys GC3YYT8 – cache #3135
Last of the three CM’s for us in Wedmore and another straightforward find thanks to the hint


13th April 2014 – Church Micro 1437…Cheddar St Andrews GC4945M – cache #3136
A relatively easy cache find despite it being Sunday morning and church goers cars parked right in front of the hint items, we then went into the churchyard and found half the answer to the Wells Church Micro, but unfortunately our route to Wells never got us to the other half of the co-ords


13th April 2014 – Cheddar Gorge GCZDBZ – cache #3137
After visiting the Church we headed up the gorge… unfortunately being the first sunny weekend of the year and the start of the Easter Holidays the ample free parking up the gorge was full and overflowing round the tall cliffs where there were many climbers trying out their skills.
This meant we had to block someone in so couldn’t stop long to look round, but we have been here several times before (together and separately) so the gorge was familiar to us. We grabbed the necessary information/photograph and left


13th April 2014 – Rock Doctor #2 Ebbor Gorge GC11FNM – cache #3138
After the Cheddar Gorge earthcache this neighbouring gorge was our next stop, I was a little disappointed that at the viewpoint all you can now see is trees and bushes and you get no real feel for the landscape from there


13th April 2014 – Church Micro 3736…Wookey Hole – Baptist GC4CFE0 – cache #3139
Next stop was Wooky Hole for a CHurch Micro and an Earthcache at the caves The Church Micro was an easy find given the hint leaves only one possible hiding place. We were going to go to the pub next door to the cache for Sunday Lunch but the prices weren’t exactly within our budget – I guess when you are the only show in town you can charge accordingly


13th April 2014 – Wookey Hole GC1YRMN – cache #3140
We didn’t go down the caves this time, though we have been down the caves here on a previous visit. I seemed to remember that the welcome sign wasn’t so Harry Potter-ish last time we were here but looking through the cache page photo gallery it seems the sign was changed in July 2011


13th April 2014 – Smallest City New Cache GC40GW8 – cache #3141
Once we got to Wells we had a carvery lunch and then to walk it off decided to have a go at this cache. We found the first part easily enough and worked out the co-ords for the next, but then followed the arrow and ended up in a dead end and had to retrace our steps and approach from a different angle. Stage two was easy to find though as many of the benches were occupied we were glad the right one was free. Stage 3 took us longer to find as the co-ords we worked out put us in the middle of a piece of grass, but eventually after some people moved we spotted the information in a place that they had been covering up, then we worked out the final co-ords and had an easy find.
I have to say that while we were doing this cache the bells in the cathedral were ringing and to tell the truth it wasn’t entirely pleasant… bells that are past due for a retune and out of time campanologists made it a pretty raucous noise at times, but apart from that Wells was lovely in the sunshine


13th April 2014 – Monarch’s Way, Bishop’s Moat. Wells GC2DYZB – cache #3142
After doing the multicache we walked down by the moat to this cache, which took a while to find, not because finding the location was difficult- only one of the hint item about, but because there were many rocks hiding in the weeds and grass and we had to look at nearly all of them before we got the right one


13th April 2014 – Not Art Gecko GC4DGPQ – cache #3143
I think in the summer this cache was a plastic lizard, but at the minute it is just a plastic tube in a hole in a wall


13th April 2014 – Church Micro 4477…Wells – St Cuthbert GC4N1M2 – cache #3144
This was an easy to find cache in a car park, which would have been impossible had there been anyone in the cars parked right in front of the cache !


13th April 2014 – The Wells Carpark Maze GC4MZ8V – cache #3145
This one caused us a bit of a Doh! moment… We approached this cache from the North, and then struggled to get the right place for the cache looking at all possible hint matching places on the other side of the wall before getting to the right place… then as soon as we spotted the cache two blokes came along and started chatting while standing by the car just a few feet behind us… we quickly finished with the cache and replaced it and then exited the way we had come.
Now we weren’t exactly sure where we were in relation to where we had parked the car, but we knew it wasn’t far away so we wandered down through the car park next to the bus station, no sign of the little car park we had parked in, walked down the road then around the corner and spotted the car park sign, so we hurried into the car park, got in the car then looked straight ahead and saw the two blokes who had been chatting by the car next to the cache just getting into the said car… we were parked 20ft from the cache and had had a 5 minute walk around the area to find it… Doh!


13th April 2014 – Church Micro 5455… Wells – Methodist GC50NVT – cache #3146
We were on our way out of town when we decided to go to this one, Angel 78 jumped out of the car to get the required numbers while I found somewhere to park the car, then we walked to the co-ords we worked out and quickly found the cache… and a supermarket with needed toilets !


13th April 2014 – Church Micro 2979… Coxley GC3WAR0 – cache #3147
On our way back we picked up a couple of Church Micros, this was the first, easy to spot the hint item but the cache is a little higher than the 6ft the hint would have you believe !


13th April 2014 – Church Micro 3716…Glastonbury GC4C7ZY – cache #3148
This was an easy to find cache as there is a well worn cachers path from the parking spot to the cache.
It was the last cache of the day for us, we had planned to grab a couple more in Glastonbury but even at 4:00 on a Sunday there was nowhere to park in town


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