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Caches No’s 3807 to 3819 – Uggy’s Celebration

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Caches No’s 3807 to 3819 – Uggy’s Celebration

Uggy – better known as Val has been caching for 10 years… (well, it’s 10 years since she found her first cache but she didn’t actually get to 20 logged finds for another four and a half years !) So she organised a celebratory event, and a set of caches to coincide with the event. The series was half done by her and half done by another cacher, which spoilt the effect somewhat as Uggy had arranged with the cache reviewer to have hers published before the event, and the other hider hadn’t arranged the same, assuming that because they were all ‘one series’ they would all be published together, and they weren’t

26th September 2015 – CELEBRATION! GC62MB8 – cache #3807
The Event was held at the Bagby Arms, same as the event I went to just 30 days previously (see cache #3781) I arrived at the beginning of the event and was there at the end… though I did slip out in the middle to do several of the new series.
Val, bless her, had even saved a bit of cake for me upon my return (Val’s spicy ginger cake is a legend amongst the Yorkshire cachers, Adam even published the recipe in the UKCacheMag once he had been given a piece to try

26th September 2015 – Church Micro 4775…Bagby GC4K91G – cache #3808
The nearest cache to the event is this Church Micro, so while I was there…


26th September 2015 – Australia? GC63YDD – cache #3809
I’ve been around long enough to recognise where to look for caches when you get to cache location that is a roadsign… check for fishing line disappearing under the plastic cap at the top of the pole


26th September 2015 – Dead Ash – BTB 18 GC63YD5 – cache #3810
Obvious from the title what feature it would be hidden at, and an equally obvious hide when you get there.


26th September 2015 – Knights of Balk – BTB 17 GC63YDF – cache #3811
Logging the day before it was published – pretty easy to work out where it would be (0.1M from the last, 0.1M to the next) and an easy find when you get there… I was not the only name in the logbook


26th September 2015 – Open or Closed – BTB 16 GC63YCQ – cache #3812
I found it when I had it open. The gate upon the post of which the cache was hidden that is


26th September 2015 – Fenced – BTB 14 GC63YC9 – cache #3813
Getting to this cache from the last was not made at all easy by the fact that it was a large field to cross, and it had been ploughed just hours before – the farmer was still at work ploughing the next field. With a name like that the cache was not hard to find


26th September 2015 – Blackbird – BTB 13 GC63YBV – cache #3814
A cute little hide, easy enough to find though. Plenty of livestock around the farm here, cows, hens, turkeys and pigs…


26th September 2015 – Ilex – BTB 12 GC63YCX – cache #3815
Another one logged the day before it was published, again a case of looking for a place far enough away from the next caches location and spotting something that looks not quite in the right place… it’s the cache !


26th September 2015 – Nuts – BTB 11 GC63YBF – cache #3816
It was getting a little gloomy by the time I got to this cache… and under the hedges it was almost pitch black, fortunately a cache big enough to find in the dark !


26th September 2015 – Wired – BTB 5 GC63YAA – cache #3817
As it was getting dark by the time I had found BTB11 so I decided to cut across to BTB5 and leave the caches at the Thirkleby end of the trail for another day (and for when they are all published !)
This was not an easy find in the dark… I didn’t make the mistake of not realising that the hint (under the trees on the left) was reversed as I was going round the series clockwise, but the GPS wasn’t too accurate under the trees, so I decided it was a case of using the light from the GPS as a torch to search all possible places, and after a few minutes I spotted the cache


26th September 2015 – Conquers – BTB 4 GC63Y9V – cache #3818
No problem finding this one in the dark (well I now had my GPS screen turned up to full brightness to use as a torch). Much harder to get the container out of it’s hiding place when I couldn’t see what was stopping it coming out, but in the end I got the log book out and by putting it on top of the GPS there was enough light coming through the paper from underneath to find the proper place to sign !


26th September 2015 – Quercus – BTB 2 GC63Y93 – cache #3819
Last one of the circuit for me (number 1 hadn’t been published yet) It was a pretty dark night, I was hoping that as it was a full moon there would be some moonlight to see by, but instead there was a lot of cloud in the sky. I found the hint items and removed enough of them the find the container.


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