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Caches No’s 1757 to 1764 – An Xmas Quandry

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Caches No’s 1757 to 1764 – An Xmas Quandry

Almost 2 years ago I went to Horsforth one Sunday to find a series of caches called the Clayton Quandry, and failed as I couldn’t find two of the four feeder caches, nor obviously the bonus as I only had half the clues. I decided one Sunday morning that this situation needed to be remedied and so went back to Horsforth to seek out the caches… Unfortunately I had lost the clues from the two caches I had found before and so had to revisit them to get the numbers for the bonus cache

10th June 2012 – Marker Stone GC1HE3K – cache #1757
The first of the caches I had failed on previously was because I had not allowed for the ingenuity of the cache hider, I had probably had it in my hand the previous visit and not realised it was the cache.

10th June 2012 – Micro Mischief GC1HE3F – cache #1758
The second cache I failed to find I am putting down to poor co-ordinates and poor GPS signal, my GPS took me to exactly the same place as I had looked 2 years ago, a place that matches the hint but has no cache, this visit I looked around a bit further away to find another place that matched the hint and this time found the cache

10th June 2012 – Clayton Quandry GC1HE2Y – cache #1759
After a trip through the woods revisiting GC1HE3D Boundary Wall and GC1HE34 Locomotion Way I had got all the clues for this, the bonus cache of the series which took some locating as GPS signal was distinctly dodgy. Eventually after scouting all possible locations and nearly getting wet falling in the stream I spotted the cache

10th June 2012 – Three Kings (Forever Xmas 1) GC367XM – cache #1760
Another cache series had been set out nearby, so as I astill had time left before lunch I thought I would go and find the caches, the first one is at the side of a local playing field where there was lots of dog exercise going on, fortunately the dog owners were too interested in throwing sticks to take any notice of what I was doing ferreting behind trees

10th June 2012 – Rudolph (Forever Xmas 2) GC36EMW – cache #1761
This was an easy find, but was just at the side of a well used path adn I was almost surprised by a family heading towards the playing fields with dog and football, fortunately I just had time to pretend I was tying my laces before they got to be in sight of what I was really doing

10th June 2012 – Jingle Bells (Forever Xmas 3) GC36ENZ – cache #1762
When I attempted the Clayton Quandry before, back in August 2010 on the same trip I did a small series called Ethan’s Hunt, and the last of those caches was hidden under a rock behind the next tree along the path to where this cache is hidden, so the whole morning had a deja vu feel to it

10th June 2012 – Santa (Forever Xmas 4) GC36EPH – cache #1763
This took a while to find… I searched all over and found nothing, but the GPS kept bringing me back to one spot… eventually I went by the GPS and searched a bit harder… and turned up the cache

10th June 2012 – Merry Xmas (Forever Xmas BONUS) GC36EQ8 – cache #1764
I then plotted the position of the bonus cache from the clues I had gathered and went off to find it. A larger cache than most – a 2.5ltr paint can !
The trouble with using fallen branches as stickoflage is that they rot down pretty quickly in wet weather and as we have had some very wet weather since these caches were set out the sticks that was covering the cache has rotted down to a wet splintery mush.

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