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Yet Another Norfolk Weekend – Caches No’s 630 – 640

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Yet Another Norfolk Weekend – Caches No’s 630 – 640

Last July I went camping to Norfolk with about 30 friends and did some caching with my friends from the south Hublander and Beanie 28 (see Caches 52 – 59) Twelve months later and a similar 30 of us are back camping in the same place and Hublander, Beanie28 and I again went out caching on the Saturday afternoon.

17th July 2010 – Watlington Woods GC275HZ – cache # 630
The first cache was placed since we were here last and was maybe not quite visible from the campsite, but was visible from the pub at the end of the road !
A drive by that was slightly confusing in that it wasn’t in the big gateway where you park, but was a few yards away in the trees – maybe the cache name should have given us more of a clue – but it wasn’t long before Beanie found it.

17th July 2010 – Post Haste Tottenhill GC26B5D – cache # 631
Driving along the road to this, another new cache, and the sunlight illuminates a post box at the side of the road… guess where the cache is ? A magnetic nano stuck on the base of the box

17th July 2010 – Church Micro 300 GC1EYJ4 – cache # 632
This cache we had failed to find a year earlier as someone had driven straight through the hedge by the church instead of negotiating the right angle bend which meant that the area was a little disturbed and the cache was not obvious (though apparently was still there) In the intervening months it had been moved a few yards down the road and now was easy to find behind a tree. The cache itself is a magnetic 35mm film cannister hidden inside a fake half rock.

17th July 2010 – C.S.I. “The Sincks” – The evidence GC2AE7T – cache # 633
Another new cache just a mile or so away from our campsite – The Sincks being the name of a woodland estate managed by the Forestry Commission. It is a multicache in the woods that has four elements, the first is just by the car park and is a knife (plastic!) ‘The Weapon’… this has coordinates on it that lead you into the woods to ‘The Remains’- a bone and a cross, and more co-ordinates that lead you to ‘The Getaway Vehicle’ which looks quite a lot like Scooby-Doo’s Mystery Machine ! (Gamekeeper turned Poacher in a reverse of the normal form ?) The Coordinates here lead you to the final part which is the actual cache, an ammo box hidden under a fallen tree.

The first two parts were easy enough to find, the first as it is hanging in a tree and so easily visible and the second has a clue that directs you to a bush of a particular type of which there is only one about so again easy to find. The third and fourth parts we found more difficult as in the woods GPS reception is not great so we had to search around a bit to find them.

17th July 2010 – C.S.I “The Sincks” – The trial GC2AE94 – cache # 634
The previous cache has the co-ordinates of this second cache in it, and it didn’t take long for Beanie to find the cache, however that was not the end of it as the cache is a wooden box secured with a three dial combination lock – 999 possible combinations to get into it. Reading back through the description of the caches we were not sure what we were looking for to get the combination, so we tried the co-ordinates and they didn’t work… so we went back to the previous cache thinking that there might have been a combination number in it that we had missed… but no number was apparent… so Hublander and I went back to the Getaway Vehicle and on examining it closely found a number on it that we had missed previously. This led us to a little dilemma, we had to go back past where Beanie was waiting with the cache to get to the first two parts (and presumably the other two numbers of the combination) so we could either find the missing numbers or as we had the last digit and there were only 99 ossibilities we could just try them all until we got the right one… Beanie soon got into the rhythm and it was about the 30th go before she got into the lock using the trial and error method

We enjoyed these two caches, the walk wasn’t too far, the caches weren’t too hard to find but not too easy either, and there was Humour in the style of the caches and a twist to catch us out as well. I have to say I am tempted to do a similar thing somewhere around home.

17th July 2010 -Ouse Valley Way Mile Marker # 142 – THE FINAL GC1XB39 – cache #635
I had to go into Kings Lynn to do a little shopping, so a short stroll off the shopping area into the more historical riverside area of the town brought me to this cache, which is hidden in the uprights of an information board

18th July 2010 – Happy Valley Woods GC15XM6 – cache # 636
On my way home the next day I stopped off for a few caches, the first one a cache I had looked for on both the previous two trips I had made down here, both the prvious year and in November, but both times I was driving home when pretty tired and so hadn’t bothered looking too hard !
I was pretty tired again, but this time spotted the cache straightaway when I got to the right spot, hidden in the middle of a mutlti-trunked tree

18th July 2010 – A Road Anarchy A15/A17 Leasingham G1G7R4C – cache # 637
Another cache I had failed to locate in November that this time didn’t prove too difficult to find, half buried in the ground covered by stickoflage

18th July 2010 – The Cacher’s Headlights GC1NA97 – cache # 638
The A1 is great for cachers travelling along it as from when it was the Great North Road there are now so many alterations to its route for bypasses round villages and road widening that there are lots of quiet stretches of the old road running parallel that meet back with the A1 a couple of miles further on.
This cache is at the junction of the A1 and one of them, and is a magnetic tin stuck on an old gate post

18th July 2010 – Dr naNO GC1N98Z – cache # 639
In a bypassed village is this cache, that I had again failed to find in November – even though I had looked in the right place I hadn’t looked hard enough to find this magnetic nano on the signpost – unfortunately the log is both full and wet so I couldn’t sign it.

18th July 2010 – The Rubberboot’s Duck Dash Cache GC28B1G – cache # 640
I did have some other cahces spec’d out to do on my drive back, but I was pretty tired and so decided just to drive home and eave the reast until later. This one though I did have to drive right past (well with a little detour at least) and as it was a straight drive by, pull up in a gateway and the cache is there in the tree next to it I decided to do it.
While I was there I spotted a couple of guinea pigs that had obviously been abandoned by their former keeper. Reasoning that although they could survive quite well in the UK climate but they would be a target for foxes and probably the Red Kites I contacted the local guinea pig rescue centre and told them exactly where I’d seen them (well I had exact GPS co-ordinates didn’t I !) I hope they are rescued and found a nice new home.

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