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Summer Solstice – Caches 585 – 591

Submitted by on Sunday, 27 June 2010No Comment
Summer Solstice – Caches 585 – 591

21st June 2010 – Yellow Bog GC1JH4A – Cache #585
The evening of Midsummers Day, the longest light evening of the year, so I decided to set out for a reasonably long walk across the moor to pick up the remaining caches up on the top.
I parked in the same spot as I had on the previous Saturday but this time set off the other direction and had gone nearly 2 miles before I got to the first cache (I had bypassed some caches that I had decided to leave until the way back from this the furthest point) Yellow bog is as the name suggests a bog, and I guess the yellow comes from the colour of the grass which forms the main type of vegetation round here.
I’m glad I did this cache in the middle of a long dry spell cos even after weeks of little rain there were still very wet and muddy parts of the path to get here. The cache itself is a few yards away from the path in the middle of a patch of heather just covered by a large stone. Accurate co-ordinates are needed as there is nothing really to differentiate this particular spot on the moor from any other.

21st June 2010 – Butt 34 GC1JH4Q – Cache #586
This whole area is a grouse moor and has rows of shooting butts across it. Butt 34 is a collapsed butt, but whether it’s collapsed through natural means or whether cachers have pulled it apart looking for the cache I am not too sure, anyway the cache is 25 feet away from the butt in the remains of a fallen down bit of wall.

21st June 2010 – Wrinkled Pointed Rock GC1JHDN – Cache #587
The co-ordinates for this cache are in the previous cache, but fortunately I was heading in the right direction so it wasn’t a detour to get to this one. The wrinkled pointed rock is most strange, most of the rocks up here are weathered into smooth slabs of stone where as this one is totally different as the headline picture shows. I assume it’s a different type of rock to the local sandstone, dumped here by the glacier in the last ice age.
The cache is the old favourite 35mm film cannister, hidden under a stone.

21st June 2010 – Stone Seat GC1QTAY – Cache #588
There are dozens of large flattish topped rocks that you could sit on, the one chosen to be the ‘stone seat’ for this cache is not the most obvious, being neither the biggest or at the right height for a seat or anything, so it took a few minutes to locate the cache as I was looking round more obvious stone seats first ! The cache itself is one of the plastic fake rocks used to hide keys in your garden, looks a little out of place on the moor as it’s not the right geology.

21st June 2010 – 13th Apostle GC1GEX2 – Cache #589
This is another cache in the midle of the moor, with no apparent path leading to it from any direction. When you get to the spot there is a jumble of rocks (the 13th Apostle refers to the ’12 Apostles’ stone circle which is about 250 yards away)
In the jumble of rocks is a fake plastic stone with the cache, took me a few minutes to find it, mainly cos I was looking in what I thought was the most obvious place rather than the spot the co-ords said which was 10 feet away where the cache actually was !

21st June 2010 – jemima’s view GC1BF61 – Cache #590
An outcrop of jumbled rocks on the moor, like many other outcrops of jumbled rocks on the moor, covers an area of 100 square yards or so… and the hint says ‘rocks’ – like we didn’t know that when we got to the spot !
Eventually though I spotted the right rocks, or at least spotted the wrong stone, a stone where there shouldn’t be one, and thus found the cache hidden behind it

21st June 2010 – Think Of A Number GCK1K0 – Cache #591
There is in the centre of Bradford – 6-7 miles away from Ilkley Moor a puzzle cache spot called Think Of A Number, with a 5 star mathematical puzzle to solve to find the co-ordinates for the cache. Given a couple of hours I could have worked out the answer to the puzzle, but I didn’t need to, I read the logs which said things like, walked up from Ilkley, had to dismantle the entire lot to find the cache then put all the stones back and such like, so I reasoned that it was hidden in a cairn on Ilkley Moor… looked at the map and there’s only one cairn marked. So I went to the cairn, spent ages lifting off all the top stones until I found the cache. It did take a while to find it but I never really thought I was in the wrong place and ought to give up, even though by now it was 10:20pm and getting pretty dark !
All in all I spent 2hours and 10 minutes on the moorsand walked 4.99 miles (according to the Garmin trip computer. not exactly a fast pace, except the Garmin said I was stopped for 36 minutes of that (finding caches and signing logs etc) so 5 miles across the moor in 1:34 isn’t too bad a pace really.

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