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The Way Home From Shopping – Caches No’s 578 – 584

Submitted by on Sunday, 27 June 2010No Comment
The Way Home From Shopping – Caches No’s 578 – 584

19th June 2010 – Don’s Cache GCKVHK – Cache #578
Saturday morning, and I had a little shopping to do that I decided to avoid going into the ‘big city’ i.e. Leeds or Bradford,could be best done in Keighley. After the shopping I still had 90 minutes or so of the morning left so I headed up to the moors to do a few caches.
The first of these was the one I had decided not to do the previous Friday, as it was better to attack it from the Keighley side of the moor. The cache is, as is typical with caches up on the moors, under a big stone in the middle of nowhere. As such it is quite easy to find but not necessarily easy to get to, this time of the year though the vegetation is still short and the moors are dry – they are just one big bog in winter I expect – so it was a quite easy walk over to find it, even though there are no paths at all on this part of the moor !

19th June 2010 – Harvey’s ‘Dr Who’ Cache GCWEBQ – Cache #579
Another cache under a big rock, this rock though is actually just off the ridge right at the summit of the moor and has a lot of other rocks around… but it is the biggest and has a convenient hole underneath for the secretion of the cache

19th June 2010 – Rainbow Cache GC1HBEG – Cache #580
This cache is under a big rock which is actually an exposed part of the ridge at the summit of the moor.

19th June 2010 – High M Q GC1BRKA – Cache #581
A puzzle cache, another one that I didn’t bother to do the puzzle with. There were some photographs in other peoples logs which showed a stone post with the letters MQ inscribed into it and having been up to the moor here before I knew where this post was.
The cache was quickly found, but when I opened the tube I discovered that the log was just a sodden wodge of papier mache and couldn’t be signed.
I logged that it needed maintenance and the owner immediately archived it saying that too many people were doing it without solving the puzzle so he was going to use the tube for a new cache.

20th June 2010 – Stray Conkers GC1CV57 – Cache #582
Sunday an I headed for Harrogate to buy some paint from the DIY shop… except the DIY shop isn’t there anymore as I remembered when I saw the shops now where it used to be. SO I had a walk around the Stray to pick up the caches there – or try at least.
This first one is under a huge horse chestnut tree, after searhing all around the base to no effect and then trying to climb up to reach into the crutch of the tree with no luck I decided the cache must be elsewhere, so I checked the larger low branches and soon spotted the cache.

After this I went to find GC151YF train spotter, and the hint was clear – 2nd Fence Post, but as the headline picture shows all there was on the 2nd fence post is a nail bent into a hook where the cache used to be (I presume)

20th June 2010 – Stray Cache GC1CV59 – Cache #583
You are walking across the grass to the co-ordinates for this one and then in the middle of the field you are there… no rocks, trees, benches, just a spot in the middle of the field… but then you look down and there’s a Stop Cock cover in the middle of the grass… a place where a stop cock cover didn’t ought to be… so you get your keys out and use them to lever the lid open, and there inside is the cache. An excellent hiding place !

After that I went to find the last one on the Stray, GC1CV5K Stray Changing. Although this cache had been found earlier in the week I couldn’t find it, the co-ordinates had it in the middle of a changing block for the sports field, the outside of the changing room had no obvious cache, and no nice place where I would have hidden a cache… as a previous cacher put in his log, “relieved to have antibacterial gel after this one” – Not a nice caching site. (the cache is still there, someone logged it in the afternoon)

20th June 2010 – ringway wonder GC152E0 – Cache #584
On my way home I stopped off at this cache which had eluded me in March when I did the others round here.., the reason it had eluded me was because the co-ordinates gave it at the other side of the path about 30 feet along from where it is, so the hint which is specific led me to believe the cache was missing…
This time I knew the co-ords were wrong so looked where the other people had said the cache was and found it on the ground, opened and contents spread around.
I collected it all back up, took away the rubbish that had been in the cache and was lying around, and hid the cache back where I thought it should be from the hint.

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