Caches No’s 6397 and 6398 – The Lost Caches

As I was looking through the photographs on my phone and deleting the old ones from it I came across two pictures of caches that I didn’t have entries for on this blog.

The first was from 4th September 2021, and has now been entered into the Blog as cache #5641(a)

The second lost cache was from Piratemania last year, and has been entered in its right chronological place as cache #5872(a)

Thus there aren’t going to be a cache #6397 or #6398 and the next cache I find will be recorded as #6399.

These Lost Caches obviously make a lie of my 6,000th milestone cache as it wasn’t the Severn Valley Virtual at all, but a Lab Cache at Apedale Country Park.
However I had locked my milestones on the Groundspeak website so the ‘official’ record shows that it was the Severn Valley Railway virtual, and if I had recorded the caches correctly I would just have missed out two more of the caches at Apedale, as I deliberately didn’t find another three or four that the others I was with found.

All in all the Lost caches are found, the numbers from here are correct and on we go to get to 7,000 by the end of the year

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