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Caches No’s 4538 to 4556 – Up the River and Down the Canal

Submitted by on Sunday, 9 September 2018No Comment
Caches No’s 4538 to 4556 – Up the River and Down the Canal

Well this was a thing I had not done for a long long time… One Sunday afternoon I went geocaching, by myself. Although I had found the odd cache here and there the last time I went out specifically to find caches was when I went for the Stainburn YOSM in April 2017 and the last time I actually did a series of caches not at an event was the Gruffalo woods in April 2016

9th September 2018 – The bakers dozen #12 : Troll GC6RDQD – cache #4538
A sneaky little cache that took a bit of searching to find.
At first glance there are a lot of potential hiding places, but once I’d discounted all the places where the cache would get muggled there were only a few places left, and the cache was in one of them

9th September 2018 – Off the track GCVN4M – cache #4539
I have a job selling the item used as a cache hide so it was an easy find as the item looked totally out of place to me !

After this I didn’t find GC6VN5H Two Stones, which nobody else did either until the CO replaced it

9th September 2018 – A hole in a tree GC6VN5Y – cache #4540
Easy find, spotted it from the path – so I left it with the more camouflaged side upwards (bright side down)

9th September 2018 – Two Stumps GC6VN6V – cache #4541
Found the stumps and found the cache

9th September 2018 – Not the wall GC6VN7N – cache #4542
If I’d read the hint first it would have saved me from looking on the wrong side of the path !

9th September 2018 – The Lost Gate GC6VN8D – cache #4543
This was an easy find, nothing really looks like a fake rock

9th September 2018 – The Post GC6VN93 – cache #4544
No sign by any post, so I looked back at previous logs and they told me where to look to find the cache

After this I didn’t find GC6CNAA Giant Boulders, but then neither did the next few cachers

9th September 2018 – Stone Pillar GC6VNC4 – cache #4545
It’s a stone pillar and the cache is at it’s base, just as the title and hint say !

9th September 2018 – Sleeping Post GC6VNCV – cache #4546
A fingertip search came up with the cache

After this I didn’t find GC6VNDK Two Fat Posts, it wasn’t where the hint indicated, apparently from the next finders log it was ‘in the dry stone wall’ which is of course not allowed, so I never look in dry stone walls

9th September 2018 – Covered in Ivy GC6VNG7 – cache #4547
An ivy covered tree stump, and a cachers path to it

After this I didn’t look for GC6VNGX Down by the river sitting in a tree, because there were two people by the cache, they weren’t actually sitting in the tree, they were carrying on in a lewd fashion leaning up against the tree

9th September 2018 – Fork in Tree GC6VMZ2 – cache #4548
Six PM on a Sunday evening and the path is still quite busy, I had to dodge the cyclists to get this cache stealthily

9th September 2018 – There is one here GC6VMZV – cache #4549
A straightforward find, even if it did mean bending over further than am used to !

9th September 2018 – Stumped GC6VN0H – cache #4550
A straightforward find by a stump

9th September 2018 – Anglers beware! GC6VN12 – cache #4551
I’m sure I’ve found a cache almost in the same place before – which isn’t surprising as this is at least the 4th set of caches I have done along the canal here

9th September 2018 – Miles to go GC6VN1D – cache #4552
I found the cache easily enough but the log was far too wet to risk unrolling and trying to write on it

9th September 2018 – A prickly bush GC6VN1V – cache #4553
Yes, it’s a very prickly bush !

After this I didn’t find GC6VN28 It’s NOT the bench

9th September 2018 – Moss on tree GC6VN2N – cache #4554
There was a boat moored up a few yards away, but the crew were shut tight inside because of the drizzle so I got the cache easily enough

9th September 2018 – Multi Trunk GC6VN33 – cache #4555
An easy enough find in the mutli trunked tree

9th September 2018 – Gate GC6VN3N – cache #4556
A fingertip search brought up the goods

After this I didn’t find GC6RDQY The bakers dozen #13 : The big tree – I really have more to do with my life than search through a stack of dog poo bags behind a tree to find a cache

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