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Take The Long Way Home

Submitted by on Thursday, 12 August 2010No Comment

Quite often the most entertaining part of our Saturday night excursions wasn’t the dance, but the journey, especially when we were all traveling together in a minibus, this method of transport did take a lot longer than going by car – mainly because we had to drive all around the district to pick people up before we could actually set off for our destination, but only one person had to drive, and the rest of the travellers could start having a good time on the way, and get a few early drinks down the neck.

These pictures were taken in the minibus on a trip to the Halloween dance at Scunthorpe, now I can’t remember anything about the dance, couldn’t even tell you the venue – probably the back room of some pub, but I’m not putting pictures of the dance on this post, just pictures that illustrate the journey.

First of all we have to get there, once everyone is in the minibus we can set off to Scunthorpe. This was a strange minibus we didn’t hire often, it had a separate cab – which is why there are no pictures of the Bush who was doing the driving – and instead of just rows of seats it had tables on either side… executive mode !

Being young and excited some of us were full of high spirits on the way there

Dicky gets his hand on something firm, round and pointed
then realizes it’s just Cozbert’s hat

Whereas for some even the journey there was a bit wearisome

The Nook sleeps with a can in his hand

Quick cut to the way home now, and of course the way home from Scunthorpe takes you to Ferrybridge, where we would all be enjoying the beans and chips clag stop, but before we got there the journey was wearisome for some.

Zippy and the Nook having a kip
or maybe having had a kip on the way there Nookie is actually awake
cos this was possibly the closest he’d been to a girl for a while which is why he is holding the carrier bag over his crotch, to prevent the camera seeing his arousal !

Of course not everyone sleeps between the dance an the Ferrybridge clag stop, some indulged in other vices

Malibu Mel, having a fag

and some others just had a chat

Ibbo and Taz

Now at Ferrybridge, they had large stands with application forms for American Express cards… and for reasons that I won’t bore you with quite often many of these ended up in the minibus, and usually the ones that ended up in the minibus ended up on the floor, and quite often the ones that ended up on the floor of the minibus ended up being torn into tiny pieces on the floor of the minibus – as you can tell from the picture below.

Ibbo’s Feet, Dicky strangling Cath, DL, Rog, The Nook, Zippy, Graydog, Wendy-woo and Cozbert
and a minibus floor full of torn up American Express Card application forms

Of course the clag stop does allow for a bit of palying musical chairs, some people having watched what went on in the earlier part of the journey see this as an opportunity

Zippy sleeps but Graydog has a sly look on his face
(possibly the closest he’d been to a girl for a while)

By the end of the journey it’s well into the early hours, and way past everybody’s bedtime.

Wendy-woo and Cozbert sleeping like babies

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