Caches No’s 6252 to 6282 – London Calling 2023 Part 2

The Friday of the weekend there was event in the morning near Kings Cross, so I decided to head there, there were a few caches on the way, especially the way I went !
After that I had arranged to meet some of the other Leeds cachers in the the afternoon to go to the Postal Museum and ride the underground mail rail. Then we went down to the first official event by the London Calling committee at St Pauls Cathedral…
And then finally I headed back up to Euston Station to meet Angel78 who was coming down from the Midlands after work.

28th April 2023 – SIDETRACKED – ELIZABETH LINE Lab Cache – FARRINGDON – cache #6252
This was technically the nearest underground station to my hotel, but the Elizabeth line din’t really go anywhere I wanted so it wasn’t the station I used

28th April 2023 – Foundlings Lab Cache – 1741: Foundling Hospital, Hatton Garden – cache #6253
Hatton Garden… the Jewellery centre of London, but mainly it just looks like a normal residential street… apart from the security guards wandering about

28th April 2023 – Original Diva – It’s Not Easy Being Pink – GC6DA40 – cache #6254
This was on the back of a road sign… quite a few people about but I ignored them and they took no notice of me

28th April 2023 – Foundlings Lab Cache – 1837: Dickens’ House (now Dickens Museum) – cache #6255

28th April 2023 – It’s Not Easy Being Green – GC5J6KY – cache #6256
Another cache on the back of a road sign

28th April 2023 – Foundlings Lab Cache – 1936: Coram Fields – cache #6257

28th April 2023 – Foundlings Lab Cache – 1745: Foundling Gate to the Foundling Hospital – cache #625

28th April 2023 – Foundlings Lab Cache – 2004: Foundling Museum – cache #6259

28th April 2023 – A Secret Garden (St George’s Garden) Lab Cache – Notice Board – cache #6260
The secret garden is really just an old church yard, with gravestones, but now is a little park

28th April 2023 – A Secret Garden (St George’s Garden) Lab Cache – Wall plaque – cache #6261

28th April 2023 – A Secret Garden (St George’s Garden) Lab Cache – Lady in the Park – cache #6262

28th April 2023 – A Secret Garden (St George’s Garden) Lab Cache – Needle in the Garden – cache #6263

28th April 2023 – A Secret Garden (St George’s Garden) Lab Cache – East End looking West – cache #6264

28th April 2023 – London Calling Friday Morning Starter – GCA5V4N – cache #6265
This event was put on by The Amasons (of Podcache Show fame) and was in a pub next to Kings Cross Station, it was fairly well attended – not a big pub and there were as many people outside as inside !

28th April 2023 – Sonia Nerves – GC9KFA4 – cache #6266
I had solved this cache in the hotel the night before, while I was at the event I met Shiggaddi (Martin) and told him that there was this cache nearby, he hadn’t solved it so was happy to come with me to the cache (It was only 200 metres away)… not much problem finding it as there was another cacher just reaching for it when we arrived

28th April 2023 – Tavistock Square Lab Cache – Dame Louisa Brandreth Aldrich-Blake – cache #6267
Martin and I were both heading next for Tavistock Square, which is about half a mile from Kings Cross… I said I was working, but Martin had bought a day ticket for the bus and tube and wanted to get his moneys worth, so he went by bus… I was there about 10 minutes before he arrived

28th April 2023 – Tavistock Square Lab Cache – Virginia Woolf – cache #6268

28th April 2023 – Tavistock Square Lab Cache – Conscious Objectors – cache #6269

28th April 2023 – Tavistock Square Lab Cache – Charles Dickens – cache #6270

28th April 2023 – Tavistock Square – GC5KE43 – cache #6271
Just a little micro on the fence at the gate.

28th April 2023 – Tavistock Square Lab Cache – Mahatma Ghandi – cache #6272

28th April 2023 – Noor Inayat Khan You Find It? – GC9N14H – cache #6273
This was on the next street, an easy to find cache on a sign

28th April 2023 – Harry Potter’s London 1 ⚡ Lab Cache – 12 Grimauld Place – cache #6274
Heading up to the Postal Museum I came to the filming location where the was a Lab Cache

28th April 2023 – The Devil’s Own Challenge Cache! – G2Z3JG – cache #6275
This is a Maxim cache, a prolific cache setter in the early days of caching who is based in Leeds, so it was odd to see a cache of his in a residential part of the East End…
The Devil’s Own Challenge was to have found a cache on all 366 days on the Calendar grid – fortunately I had finished the challenge !

28th April 2023 – A Fine Pair # 1701 ~ The Postal Museum, London – G29P4RT – cache #6276
This is a virtual cache at the Postal Museum, and as I arrived I met Elephantmg83 (Liz) who was just taking her selfie with the phone box and letter boxes… eventually all the rest of the party arrived and we took our own picture before riding the underground mail train, visiting the museum and making our own stamps !

Matthewgibbs, BedeCook, Wandafree, &Ruby, FOX 661L, Coinkezza & Uggy

28th April 2023 – Waka Waka ! It’s Not Easy Being Brown – GC77Z4T – cache #6277
This was just on the corner near the Postal Museum… having done two of the series I knew exactly where it would be hidden.

28th April 2023 – LC23: The Game is Afoot – GCA2DM7 – cache #6276
We took the bus down to St Pauls to attend the opening event of the Mega, and met loads of friends we hadn’t seen since the Mega last Summer.

28th April 2023 – Pocket Park Perambulation (Part 2) Lab Cache – St Pancras Soper Lane – cache #6279
After the event I had to head over to Euston to meet Angel78, so I walked along to Canon Street station, which took me past this location, with a Lab cache…

28th April 2023 – Fire of London – St Pancras 1666 – GC599YK – cache #680
… and a nano cache which is hidden in plain view of loads of people

28th April 2023 – The Liberty of Inner Temple Lab Cache – Inner Temple Gatehouse – cache #6281
After we had had something to eat, we went for a walk around the riverside area – pretty much where I had been last night, we walked a little further along the river than I had, and came to the Inner Temple, which was of course shut at night, so we could only do the cache at the entrance

28th April 2023 – 16th Century Pub (Central London) – GC4E4B – cache #6282
Final cache of the day was this virtual at the Olde Mitre pub, They claim it is the oldest pub in London… though The Cheshire Cheese has cellar bars that are older, just most of that one was burned down in 1666.

Friday, 31 caches, 76 of my expected 120 caches found, and I walked 31,500 steps, 15.2 miles, not bad really to say I had been worried that I wasn’t going to be able to walk far because of my leg

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