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Caches No’s 4271 to 4284 – Kent Mega 2017 Part 3

Submitted by on Monday, 1 May 2017No Comment
Caches No’s 4271 to 4284 – Kent Mega 2017 Part 3

And so Monday dawned and it was time to drive the 200 and odd miles home again, I had a route planned that took in a few more YOSM’s – as there was now only a week or so to go for YOSM’s I was prepared to drive a bit further out of my way to get a last few.
But first there was a final Kent Mega event to attend, the Dog Walk event (Not that I, like many of the attendees, had a dog to walk !)

1st May 2017 – KM2017 – Geocaching mit hund (again) – GC6Z7GY – cache #4270
Last of the Kent Mega events I attended, at a local water park (well it used to be gravel pits, but now the holes in the ground are lakes )

1st May 2017 – KM 2017 – 2. Geocaching Mit Hund 2017 – GC7432P – cache #4271
I set off from the car park walking towards the lake while programming co-ords into my GPS… then found I was at No.2 and had missed No.1 – oh well, never mind

This was an easy find as I spotted a couple of cachers just putting it back so I knew exaclty where to look

1st May 2017 – KM 2017 – 3. Geocaching Mit Hund 2017 – GC743VE – cache #4272
I do wonder what all the local dog walkers and joggers thought of groups of people poking around in bushes and hedges

1st May 2017 – KM 2017 – 4. Geocaching Mit Hund 2017 – GC74402 – cache #4273
This took a while to find, a small cache and a long hedge… not quite a needle in a haystack but not far off

1st May 2017 – KM 2017 – 5. Geocaching Mit Hund 2017 – GC7441B – cache #4274
A quick find once the maths was done

1st May 2017 – KM 2017 – 6. Geocaching Mit Hund 2017 – GC7441Z – cache #4275
Several possible places – and from the flattened vegetation many people had searched all of them !

Number 7 was missing, not a DNF, it wasn’t there to find

1st May 2017 – KM 2017 – 8. Geocaching Mit Hund 2017 – GC7442X – cache #4276
Was this a find ?
I mean I was there when Team Barking Mad gave up and left a throw-down… and I was still searching (you know, just in case) when Charlton11 came along and rang the CO so we knew it had definitely gone.
I signed the throw-down, so as everyone else has done I’ll claim it as a find

1st May 2017 – KM 2017 – 9. Geocaching Mit Hund 2017 – GC7443D – cache #4277
Found in the hands of another cacher !

1st May 2017 – KM 2017 – Bonus. Geocaching Mit Hund 2017 – GC7445A – cache #4278
Curious… I arrived near the co-ords with the rest of the cachers… co-ords looked wrong so we looked at the hint and found an old cache… the CO was then called and we widened the search and found another cache… just sign everything and you can’t be wrong !

1st May 2017 – KM 2017 – 1. Geocaching Mit Hund 2017 – GC7432H – cache #4279
I’d set off on this series at No.2 gone round the rest of the series and the bonus and then came back to the car park and finished off with No.1

1st May 2017 – Ye Ole Survey Monuments – GC45CC – cache #4280
YSM481 Turnham Court Estate
On my way home I first stopped off for this Trig – must be a lovely view from here on a clear day which unfortunately it wasn’t !

1st May 2017 – Ye Ole Survey Monuments – GC45CC – cache #4281
YSM667 Berwick Pond Road
An easy to find roadside pillar

1st May 2017 – Church Micro 747 : Widdington – GC1T27C – cache #4282
I went a bit out of my way to find this particular Church Micro, the reason being that there was a challenge on one Facebook group that required you to find a cache that was set on the day you started caching… and this one was !

1st May 2017 – Ye Ole Survey Monuments – GC45CC – cache #4283
YSM573 Helion Bumpstead
An excellent name, and a trig that is easy to get to as long as you can jump the ditch between road and field !

1st May 2017 – Ye Ole Survey Monuments – GC45CC – cache #4284
YSM634 Moonshine Gap
Last of 11 YOSMs found on my trip to Kent
So I’m driving along this country lane with a 6ft wide verge and an 8ft high hedge… and I get to a place where the verge has been mowed, not just cut, but mowed, neat lines in the grass up and down… somewhere in the distance was a gate into a house – I assume they have a gardener that comes and cuts all this acreage of verge in front of their garden (well it keeps the weeds down I suppose)

Anyway I pull onto this nicely mown verge and start wandering along looking in the hedge for a trig pillar, no sign of one anywhere… head scratching occurs until I look down a the ground – and then I realise that I am stood on a Surface Block !

My 138th (and last) YOSM

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