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Caches No’s 6176 to 6201 – Ripley, Ripon and Boroughbridge Lab Caches

Groundspeak have put out a locationless cache that they are archiving at the end of 2023, so I decided that as I only (!) need 825 caches to get to my next milestone I can, with a bit of planning and effort get to 8,000 before the end of the year and get the location less cache as my milestone.

Best get on with it then !

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Caches No’s 6152 to 6175 – Filling The Grid – Completely

I’ve often said that the only way I will fill January on the grid is to have an event every day so I can get a smiley sat in the pub, as it turned out I didn’t need to do it that way

I had a list of all the local (ish) Lab caches and other caches and they tallied up with the number of days left to fill, so it was a practical proposition that wasn’t going to be to hard to do

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Caches No’s 6124 to 6128 – Idle Lab Caches

I decided that I had better have a Covid booster, so went onto the website to find the nearest place I could have one on a Saturday morning, this turned out to be in a very Asian part of Bradford, so I decided as I was not part of that community it might not be the place to go, so I chose the second nearest… in Greengates.
Greengates is next to Idle, and there is a set of Lab caches in Idle, so I headed their after being vaccinated

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