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Caches No’s 2464 to 2474 – The Leathley Loop

Submitted by on Sunday, 5 May 2013No Comment
Caches No’s 2464 to 2474 –  The Leathley Loop

The Leathley Loop is the nearest set of caches to home that I hadn’t found, the nearest caches on it are only 2 miles from home and have been in place for 6 months. However this 6 months has represented the wettest Autumn and Winter in recorded history and almost all the logs from people who have found the series talk of lots of mud… and mud and I don’t get on.
Bank Holiday weekend and I was being visited by the Twirlagirls from Wiltshire (who are my Sister and family), so as the weather had been dry-ish for a few weeks and the mud had mainly gone away it seemed the opportune time to do the series

5th May 2013 – Leathley Loop-Gatepost GC3YKFF – cache #2464
As we walked down the track to the first cache we debated which gatepost it would be at… score one for the older people as the younger ones chose the wrong one.

5th May 2013 – Leathley Loop-Marker Tree. GC3YKG2 – cache #2465
This was a quick find for the smallest Twirlagirl (I think being first over the stile helped her to be the one to find it !) though it wasn’t as easy to get it out of it’s hiding place as it was to spot it


5th May 2013 – Leathley Loop-Pool Bank View GC3YKGK – cache #2466
In a determined effort to be the finder Mrs T raced ahead to get to the GZ first, whilst the rest of us were delayed by the smallest Twirlagirls attempts to climb over a large pile of stones


5th May 2013 – Leathley Loop-Riffa Farm GC3YKH1 – cache #2467
This was another quick spot for Mrs T as the smaller ones had walked right past it


5th May 2013 – Leathley Loop-Turning Point GC3YKHG – cache #2468
While the smaller Twirlagirls had a quick look at one tree then went off to search another, Mrs T examined the first tree more closely and pulled out the cache


5th May 2013 – Leathley Loop-Twisted tree. GC3YKJ8 – cache #2469
How twisted does a tree have to be to be called the twisted tree ? There were several trees in the immediate vicinity and none of them were straight ! While the others looked at ground level the Smallest T spotted the cache… at her eye level !


5th May 2013 – Leathley Loop-Sleeper crossing. GC3YKJJ – cache #2470
Mrs T again raced off to get the find, but chose the wrong side of the feature leaving smallest T to get in there and grab the cache


5th May 2013 – Leathley Loop-Big Post GC3YKKQ – cache #2471
Eldest small T hadn’t been first to a cache so far so while the rest of us signed and replaced the Sleeper Crossing cache she rushed off with Mr Twirlagirl (?) to find this one… and got a surprise with exactly what she found


5th May 2013 – Leathley Loop-Stile(ish) GC3YKKZ – cache #2472
Again it was those first over the stile who got the honours for grabbing the cache, which would have been Eldest small T if smallest T hadn’t been between her and the cache !


5th May 2013 – Leathley Loop-Bridge?Stile? GC3YKM7 – cache #2473
Another one where Mrs T found the cache before the rest of us got there… I think the holly needs attacking with some secateurs


5th May 2013 – Leathley Loop-Bonus Cache GC3YKMV – cache #2474
In a curious twist of coincidence we had been looking at a photograph taken a couple of years ago of smallest T stood on the very spot where the cache was hidden just 5 minutes before we set out on the walk… so when we put the coords into the GPS and saw where they were we knew exactly what we would find at that spot.


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