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Not Camping at Dalesbridge – Caches No’s 600 – 614

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Not Camping at Dalesbridge – Caches No’s 600 – 614

26th June 2010 – Falconry Centre GC2AMXG – Cache #600
There was a geocaching event GC Let’s Go Camping At Dalesbridge Again on the last weekend in June. I didn’t attend it though I was at the Dalesbridge campsite seeing my friends who were camping in the next field, and we did take the opportunity to do some caching !
There are several caches around the Settle, Giggleswick, Clapham areas, some more remote and a trek to get to than others… but we didn’t do them, we did some nice easy drive-by’s instead !
The first one of these was my 600th cache find, maybe I should have done something more momentous, instead of just a cache hidden in a tree at the side of a road !

26th June 2010 – Snakes or Ladders GC1V347 – Cache #601
Another drive-by cache, a tree stump with a cache hidden in the bottom. I was caching with Adam (DivingDJ) and a friend of ours, Carys, who was almost new to caching, having only been involved with a group doing a multicache before today.

26th June 2010 – Trot On :- Feizor GC1V341 – Cache #602
Further up the road and a cache hidden in a wall, we let Carys try and find this one, which she struggled with until it was noticed that there was a stone that looked to be in the wrong place…

26th June 2010 – Giggleswick Chapel GC1TBFA – Cache #603
Giggleswick School is a reasonably posh Public School and the Chapel is part of the School and is in the sports fields. It’s not certain whether the land is public access or private as you go in through a gatehouse and across the sports pitches to the Chapel. Fortunately the Chapel wasn’t in use so we weren’t challenged, but we were prepared to be ‘Chapel Spotters’ if anyone saw us !
The cache is hidden in some rocks near the chapel, again it was a case of spot the stone that doesn’t belong to find the cache.

26th June 2010 – Booth’s GC2AMYH – Cache #604
A tree stump in the grounds of a Supermarket, on a Saturday lunchtime it’s a busy place, however a nice example of the Demons Saddle fungus growing on the stump gives you something to be looking at while you retrieve the cache.
Strange to have a cache that is covered by a rock on top of a stump though !

26th June 2010 – Freda’s Gate GC29M43 – Cache #605
It’s a gate… with a cache hidden by the gate post, trouble is there’s nowhere to park anywhere near, but it’s a dead end country road so I just stopped on the road next to the gate and jumped out for the cache… if any other car had come I don’t know where we’d have gone for a passing place anyway, but none did come.

26th June 2010 – Charlies Secret 3 GC11FBV – Cache #606
Not so much secret as highlighted… there’s a helpful arrow of stones pointing to the rock which the cache is hidden under. The cache is in the centre of a hairpin bend, so none but cachers walks past it anyway… and of course you have to walk as there’s nowhere to park except ant the bottom of the hill (walk up the slope first) or at the top of the hill (walk up the slope last) we did the latter

26th June 2010 – Helwith Bridge GC2AMYM – Cache #607
This cache was put out for the Camping event. It will not last the winter. The photograph may not look like it but the cache is actually in the middle of the river ! relatively easy to get to after the driest spring on record, but the first winter storm and the river will rise and wash the cache away

26th June 2010 – Trot On :- Swarth Moor GC1R63P – Cache #608
Heading back to the Pub (The Gamecock in Austwick) to meet our friends we just had 3 more drive by’s to do. The first was hidden by the side of a gatepost…

26th June 2010 – Trot On :- Wharfe GC1R63J – Cache #609
… the second hidden inside a road marker post, on a string…

26th June 2010 – Trot On :- Wood End GC1R63G – Cache #610
… and the last one hidden in the roots of a tree, I let Adam scrabble on the ground for it and sign the log.

27th June 2010 – Crimson Carp GCJT40 – Cache #611
Although my friends were camping at Dalesbrifge I wasn’t staying and went home Saturday night, so on the Sunday I was caching a bit more locally.
On a hot sunny day it’s nice to have a nice cool wood to walk through, at the end of the wood is a tree with a split and hollow in it, and in the hollow is the cache.

27th June 2010 – Off Yer Trolley! (Cookridge) GC1B6FP – Cache #612
Cookridge ? This shopping centre is called the Holt Park centre and is in the middle of the Holt Park estate… Cookridge doesn’t start for about 200 yards, but anyway, there’s a bus stop with a magnetic 35mm film cannister hidden behind the electrical box for it, doing this cache on a Sunday evening makes it rather easier to find and sign without being observed than almost any other time during the week !

27th June 2010 – Leeds Own Berlin Wall GC1AF8Z – Cache #613
You have to feel sorry for the rodents (I guess rats) that find a 35mm film cannister hidden in a dark hole under a wall, they chew their way in only to find that the contents are inedible paper… trouble is this ruins the cache as it lets the log get wet and turn to mush

27th June 2010 – Off Yer Trolley! (Moor Allerton) GC1BH1D – Cache #614
Sunday evening and the Supermarkets are shut, there are staff in the store but the cache is at the other end of the car park to the shop… So why is there a man sitting in his car with the engine running parked looking straight at the cache site from 10 yards away ?
He’s wasn’t doing anything but sitting there… I sat in my car, pretending to phone someone, then got out and wandered around the car park… all in all I guess for around ten minutes and he just sat there looking out of the windscreen at me with his engine ticking over.
I had spotted the cache (magnetic, 35mm film cannister) from a long way off and eventually made use of the shoe lace tying ploy to grab it, wandered away out of site to sign it and then “dropped my keys” on the way back to my car to cover putting the cache back.

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