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Is this Grouse a Famous One ? – Caches No’s 592 – 600

Submitted by on Monday, 28 June 2010No Comment
Is this Grouse a Famous One ? – Caches No’s 592 – 600

24th June 2010 – Stig’s cache GC2AGTD – cache #592
A lunchtime cache. A new cache hidden about 4 miles away from where I work, so just about within the radius I can get to within the 30 minute lunch break.

Easy enough to find except for the fact that it is half way up a very steep bank, fortunately I located the path which goes up the bank so I didn’t have to fight the vegetation as well as the gradient.
Not sure this cache will last long as the area is a playground for the local kids in the holidays and the cache is hidden under a rock by stickoflage so will be discovered quite quickly by curious kids.
The cache owner says he lives close by, there is a house at the top of the bank which overlooks the cache so maybe he lives here and can see what happens to the cache easily !

24th June 2010 – Operation Yellow Sword GC18AEH – Cache #593
Making the most of the long nights I was up on the moors again clearing up the caches. There has been some debate on the Yorkshire Geocaching Forum as to whether people are interested in doing caches that stand alone rather than are in a series (judging by the number of people who have found my caches which were deliberately set in areas where there were no caches nearby I guess the answer is no) Anyway, this particular cache is not often visited and is in the middle of nowhere, nearly 3/4 mile from the road… but as it’s in the 5 mile diameter around my house I felt compelled to visit it. It was just the normal hidden under a pile of stones by a wall and not particularly exciting.
On the way there I did come across a young grouse who thought he could hide in the heather from me, I guess in 7 weeks time he’ll be a target and a menu item in some posh restaurant… poor bird

24th June 2010 – The Hounds of Dawson Jowett. GC1B2DG – Cache #594
Driving along the road to Keighley you go past an outcrop of rock with a large metal plaque on it and I have often wondered what it commemorates. Now I know, it’s a memorial to Mr Dawson Jowett who founded the local beagle pack for hunting foxes.
He is also commemorated with this cache, which is hidden in the rocks near the plaque

24th June 2010 – Grey Start GC1JH42 – Cache #595
Last Monday, when I was walking down to get the Yellow Bog cache I was on a path that if I’d carried on would have eventually brought me down to two further caches, but as they were quite a way away I decided it was best to tackle them from the other end of the path.
This first cache is a magnetic nano, on a gate post… not that there’s a gate, or even a gate post on the other side of the track !

24th June 2010 – Y Fork GC1QTAC – Cache #596
The last one of the evening, about half a mile up the path from the previous one (and 3/4 mile down from Yellow Bog) There’s a Fork in the path, with a signpost that directs you towards Ilkley… and a magnetic key safe cache hidden inside the mile post next to it… I wonder whether the metal plate was there originally, or whether the cache hider put it there ? (would need a screwdriver to remove the wooden cover then put the metal plate in then replace the wooden cover… not hard to do but what do you say to anyone who walks past when you are dismantling sign posts ?)

25th June 2010 – On the Edge GC1PHV1 – Cache #597
There are several reservoirs along the Washburn valley, Thruscross, Fewston, Swinsty, Lindley Wood, but then just off to the side of Fewston is the smaller feeder reservoir of Beaver Dyke. It’s not on a road so requires a bit of a walk to get to, but is quite well visited as it’s in a picturesque setting.
It has 3 caches round it. The first of these is under a rock in a tree roots… halfway up a field… It seems unecessary to me to place the cache so far up the field, there are two trees nearer the footpath and it’s not as if anyone but a cacher is going to even get to the first tree really.

25th June 2010 – THINK SPOT GCPTY6 – Cache #598
The second cache is at the other end of the reservoir… hidden behind a rock in the roots of a tree. Unfortunately you can’t walk all the way round the reservoir so you have to come half way back to cross to the other side (as the reservoir is actually in two halves with a dam in between that you can walk across)

25th June 2010 – John of Gaunt’s Castle GCQPCF – Cache #599
The third of the caches is named after the medieval hunting lodge whose ruins stand overlooking the valley. This cache is a little multi cache with the given co-ordinates leading to a micro which many people fail to find, although the co-ordinates are spot on and the micro is easily visible, just not recognised (I’m giving no more away here… if you really want to know there is a spoiler on this link)
The main cache is easy to find once you have the right co-ordinates… just when approaching from the west you have to go down the hill for the micro and then back up for the main cache… I was followed round on my walk down and up and down the hill again by a dozen inquisitive young cattle who were very interested in me… don’t know why but they followed me closely… fortunately I am not bothered by them, though I know people who would have been terrified !

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