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Caches No’s 3330 to 3334 – The Challenge Of Resuscitation

Submitted by on Friday, 18 July 2014No Comment
Caches No’s 3330 to 3334 – The Challenge Of Resuscitation

There are several challenge caches in the country that require you to have resuscitated a cache to qualify for the find. In cacheing terms Resuscitation means finding a cache that has not been found in the previous 12 months… I had tried before in May last year (see caches #2491 and #2492) but these were failures as one had gone missing and was then archived after I couldn’t find it, and the other had been found, just not logged on the website.
So I decided that it was time to have another go at finding one. Now the problem is that round here there are a lot of cachers so the only caches that haven’t been found for a year are in the main ones that are definitely missing and just waiting to be maintained, or archived, so finding a cache in need of resuscitation isn’t easy.
But there is a puzzle cache that hasn’t been visited for a while as one of the three feeder caches has been archived for two and a half years, and one of the others is getting DNF’s at the minute too… So I thought I would go and see if I could find this cache – well I had been to the two and a half year archived ‘Myrtle Furtle’ cache back in 2010 (see cache #990) and when I checked back in my photographs I found I had taken a picture of the clue it contained, so that was 1/3 of the coordinates I already had…

18th July 2014 – Ivy All Around GC58B7R – cache #3330
On the way I stopped off for another couple of caches – had to make the trip worthwhile after all. This first one I was a bit concerned that the local drunks were sitting too near the cache, but they were in the clearing and out of site when I got to the co-ordinates (they were a friendly couple of blokes anyway, shouted a cheery greeting at me that didn’t even sound to be in a Glaswegian accent !)
The cache was easy enough to find, though I might have alarmed a dog walker by popping out from behind the tree in front of him !

18th July 2014 – Grate Find GC58B92 – cache #3331
Spotted a young fox on my way down the path (well it popped out of the bushes onto the path, saw me and then shot back into the bushes)
When I got to the grate (well it’s a manhole really) I had to carry on walking to the end of the path as there were a couple of people behind me and I couldn’t just stop to examine a drain cover as it would look weird, so I walked to the end of the path and went over the road and then when they had gone walked back to the grate and found the cache.


18th July 2014 – Beech Comber GC1K0C2 – cache #3332
This was the first of the feeder caches for the Puzzle Cache. Walking up the hill to the cache under the trees there was a lack of GPS signal accuracy, so it took me a few tries to find the cache as there are plenty of places matching the hint (big log by fence) just down the hill from the cache, but I got there in the end


After this I didn’t find GC1K13R Rooting Around – it was pretty obvious which hint matching place this cache should be in – but it wasn’t there… This was the other feeder cache and it had had several DNF’s in the past few months so I added another

18th July 2014 – Its a Puzzle Lewis GC1K14J – cache #3333
So I had the numbers from Myrtle Furtle since 2010, I had found the Beech Comber cache and got another third of the coordinates, but the Rooting Around cache was missing, but as the numbers it contained were only the last part of the coordinates putting then both as 5 was only going to put me 20-25 feet from the cache at the maximum and that’s acceptable with a good hint – which in this case there was something about a particular path a fence post and an oak tree

So off I went, and indeed I found the cache easily enough (well when I say easy the way from the path to the cache was deep in impenetrable nettles and brambles so I climbed over the fence a few yards past and made my way back to the cache on the other side) To say it hadn’t been found for 14 months the cache was in perfect condition, no sign of damp or mould or any other nastiness

I am a little surprised that it is so long since it was found, I mean although one of the feeder caches has been out of action for 2.5 years there can’t be that many places along the bridleway that match the hint, maybe it’s just me but I’ve found enough caches from just a rough idea of the location and a hint to make it an interesting challenge to find more – so I would probably have found this one even if I hadn’t had the Myrtle Furtle numbers


Yay, a proper resuscitated cache to qualify me for the challenge caches

18th July 2014 – Highway Code (EK1) GC29J2E – cache #3334
This one was just a few yards from where I had parked… you can see the cache from yards away so a dead easy find


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