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Woodhall Wander – Caches No’s 461 – 468

Submitted by on Thursday, 13 May 2010No Comment
Woodhall Wander – Caches No’s 461 – 468

May 9th 2010 – Curse of the FTF Leeds # 7 – Woodhall Lake GC26QC8 – cache #461
After spending 8 days away and almost 9 hours driving home from Inverness on Saturday the only thing to do on Sunday morning was go caching !
Fortunately a new set of caches had been put out that looked suitable, 7 caches on a walk of under 2 miles with an additional one that was only a few hundred yards of detour. It was this additional one that I started with.
Not quite where the hint said it would be (the hint said in the gap between two logs and it was actually under the outside of one of the logs) but easy enough to find.

May 9th 2010 – Woodhall Wander #5 GC26QD4 – cache #462
As I had only just got back from Scotland I only had my Garmin with the caches in… this cache let me know why I should have put the local maps back into the memorymap pda… as it was not immediately obvious which of the myriad of footpaths to follow… I ended up at a major meeting point of paths and walked a way down 3 of them before I decided which was the right path to get to the cache.
The cache, when I finally got there, was at the base of a tree, hidden by rocks

May 9th 2010 – Woodhall Wander #4 GC26QCZ – cache #463
The path was obvious to this one, I had to loiter a bit until a couple of joggers had passed, but apart from that was a straightforward find – at the base of a tree, hidden by rocks.

May 9th 2010 – Woodhall Wander #3 GC26QCQ – cache #464
Again I lost my way a bit with this one… as I was doing the route the wrong way round the path to take from #4 wasn’t obvious – so I took the obvious path until I got to a road and then walked back up the road a bit to find the cache

May 9th 2010 – Woodhall Wander #2 GC26QCH – Cache #465
A straightforward find, under a stone in the base of a tree.

May 9th 2010 – Woodhall Wander #1 GC26QCE – Cache #466
Easy enough cache to find – once I’d worked out which direction I would be heading if I’d done the walk in the proper order (the hint said by a tree to the right of the path – but it was on the junction of two paths so there were three possible ‘right’ sides of path)

May 9th 2010 – Woodhall Wander #6 GC26QD7 – Cache #467
Spent ages looking for this… cos I had poor GPS reception and was looking at the hint to #7 (as I’d done them in #5, #4, #3, #2, #1 order so far, it was logical that the next one would be #7)
Not being able to find a cache in any spot that matched the hint for #7 (unsurprisingly) I had given up and was moving on to my last one when I realised I had #7 and #6 mixed up… then it was an easy find !

May 9th 2010 – Woodhall Wander #7 GC26QD9 – Cache #468
Last one of the series and the furthest away from the footpath, and although the camouflage was pretty obvious to the experienced eye from a long way off it was not obvious what the best way to approch the site through the undergrowth was… nor when I had done the cache what the best method of getting to the path back to my car was either !

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