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Wharfedale 18 Plus

Once upon a time there was, and sort of still is, a national social and activities group called The National Federation of 18 Plus Groups.
Wharfedale 18 Plus was one of the groups that made up the Federation, it was in the Leeds District of the Yorkshire Area of the National Federation… a Federation run by committees of the members for the members… so as you can see with Group, District, Area and National levels of organisation it sometimes seemed like there were nearly as many committees as there were members.

You need to think about 18 Plus as being like the Womens Institute for mixed 18-35 year olds – without the jam making or the necessity to burst into a rousing chorus of ‘Jerusalem’ at every turn… (just occasionally after many ales !)

This section of the website is a developing account of some of the exploits of Wharfedale 18 Plus between sort of 1987 and 1995, recorded here while I can still remember what happened ! (though bits of it were lost to me even at the time in a haze of alcohol)… a few earlier occurrences might have their stories told, but they won’t be accompanied by my photographs.
There are many later occurrences of 18 Plus, but they didn’t involve the Wharfedale group because we had moved on by then having all got what was at the time too old to be members of a Youth Organisation.

Names will be limited to first names or nicknames to protect the guilty – or at least protect their innocent wives, husbands and children from finding out from a Google search just what they got up to when they were younger.