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Caches No’s 4497 to 4517 – Yorkshire Mega Part 1

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Caches No’s 4497 to 4517 – Yorkshire Mega Part 1

And then there were no days left, Monday morning I drove up to Newby Hall with my tent and set it up ready for the fun to start…
There were all sorts of jobs that needed doing at the campsite, cleaning toilets and showers, emptying bins, rearranging furniture etc that needed Committee Members to do, but there was also being the Committee Member at events with the Log Sheep task that needed doing, so I volunteered myself for that job and avoided the toilet cleaning !

30th July 2018 – YM18 – Meet The Imp GC7JK5B – cache #4497
I was in big trouble with the Committee and Megamakers booking people in to Newby Hall all day because they were rushing around and never got a break, and I sent them a picture of the lovely Roast Pork dinner that I got from the cafe.

30th July 2018 – YM18 – Meet The Hornblower GC7HM04 – cache #4498
Monday night’s event
It was in the Unicorn Pub (Wetherspoons) after another ‘Hornblower’ event that I first sat down with Richlay and discussed the idea of bringing the 10th Anniversary Mega back to Yorkshire – and as the Hornblower was a side event of the first Mega there was no way we were going to miss putting this on as our first Event of the week to get things off to a great start

31st July 2018 – YM18 – An Overground Underground Day GC7JQQA – cache #4499
I stayed around the viaduct with the log sheep all day so didn’t get to climb Whernside, but we did get the Steam Train, the Chinooks and the Survey helicopter so it was not dull !
And I did go down Thistle Caves with the last group which was fantastic even if I did have wet feet afterwards !

31st July 2018 – YM18 – Open Mike, Karaoke and Quiz Night GC7JC6N – cache #4500
I was there, but I must have spent most of the evening sat outside the marquee as I don’t remember the open mike session or the karaoke at all, and my team didn’t win the quiz

1st August 2018 – YM18 – A Yorkshire Day Celebration GC7J48K – cache #4501
I have never had my photograph taken so many times as when I was stood on top of the Cow and Calf waving the Yorkshire Flag.

Last year on Yorkshire Day I was waving the Yorkshire Flag on top of Hay Tor on Dartmoor… I wonder which rock outcrop I will be stood on next year ?

1st August 2018 – YM18 – A Country & Western Night GC7JC8F – cache #4502
We brought in entertainment to please our public, Wednesday night was C&W night with top award winning act Johnny and Lynette playing some tunes and getting us dancing

2nd August 2018 – YM18 – A Load Of Noise In York GC7J1XH – cache #4503
Thursday we had two events, a quick flash mob in York and then a trip to Whitby
We got some strange looks from the locals and tourists about a huge group of people signing a hardboard sheep in the middle of York, but we wanted to bring people to York because there are some great caches in the City centre

2nd August 2018 – YM18 – A Grand Trip To Whitby GC7JK4R – cache #4504
There was quite a crowd of people who went on from York to the seaside at Whitby, I thought more would have stayed in York, but it was a nice day to beat the seaside
I sent some minions off to get me Fish and Chips, they were gone for over an hour, I thought there must have been a really long queue but it seems they had gone for a sit down meal and brought me mine form the take away afterwards !

2nd August 2018 – YM18 – A Caribbean Night GC7J1V2 – cache #4506
A Steel band and Limbo dancing, what more could you want from a Caribbean night ?
(Well actually I would have liked the Goat Curry we had at the Caribbean night in Devon, but that was not to be)

3rd August 2018 – YM18 – A Teddy Bear’s Picnic GC7JC7B – cache #4507
This event was to commemorate the very first UK Mega, held on this day 3rd August ten years ago, so we had organised a picnic on the Stray outside the Cedar Court Hotel which had been the venue for the first Mega. It’s a pity that it decided to rain on this event, but then it was the only event all week that was affected by rain so we were very lucky in that respect

3rd August 2018 – Harrogate Lab Cache – cache #4507
We had also arranged a set of Lab Caches around Harrogate, a bit of a treasure hunt really where the answers were names or numbers on plaques or notices around the town centre, and each location was chosen as it was ‘in the vicinity of’ existing caches is Harrogate.
(I didn’t actually do the Lab Caches on the day, well I had set them up a couple of weeks before with the help of Sam539 and Zoe98)
Stray Cache – codeword ‘200 acres’

3rd August 2018 – Harrogate Lab Cache – cache #4508
Happy Birthday – codeword ‘Nine’

3rd August 2018 – Harrogate Lab Cache – cache #4509
Help – codeword ‘The Kursaal’

3rd August 2018 – Harrogate Lab Cache – cache #4510
The Wright Stuff – codeword ‘Florence Nightingale’

3rd August 2018 – Harrogate Lab Cache – cache #4511
It’s a Gas – codeword ‘Chariots of Fire’

3rd August 2018 – Harrogate Lab Cache – cache #4512
Well, well, well – codeword ‘Betty Lupton’

3rd August 2018 – Harrogate Lab Cache – cache #4513
Stone Me – codeword ‘Ripon’

3rd August 2018 – Harrogate Lab Cache – cache #4514
We Will Remember Them – codeword ‘Howell’

3rd August 2018 – Harrogate Lab Cache – cache #4514
All Change – codeword ‘Brunswick’

3rd August 2018 – Harrogate Lab Cache – cache #4516
Harrogate Heroes – codeword ‘Charles Hull’

3rd August 2018 – YM18 – Our 10th Birthday Disco GC7JC9T – cache #4517
Friday night’s event, Personally I thought this was the best event of the week, or maybe it was just the event I got drunkest at !

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