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Caches No’s 4237 to 4269 – KM17 Pt 2, The Longest Day

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Caches No’s 4237 to 4269 – KM17 Pt 2, The Longest Day

The first Kent Mega was held on a Sunday, which was good in one way in that we didn’t have to take a day off work (Drive down Saturday, Event on Sunday, Drive home Bank Holiday Monday), But having the Mega on a Saturday with a full programme of events around it means that we have all day Sunday to explore the local countryside.

30th April 2017 – KM2017 – Flower Power – Flash event – GC70FQA – cache #4237
There was a canoeing session being held on the river at Hop Farm, and a flash mob event to get it started, I had no intention of canoeing, so I attended the flash mob before setting out on the nearby May the 4th series
I can’t say that I got dressed up for the event either – but I did have a purple shirt with a large White Yorkshire Rose on it – that’s about as flower power as I get !
I think the canoeists needed to find a little more water though !

30th April 2017 – L. May the Fourth (2014) be with you ! – GC4ACMA – cache #4238
The May the Fourth series had been put out for the Kent Mega in 2014, but I didn’t do the series then nor at the 2015 event. So as the Flash Mob was held right by one of the caches we (Adam and I) decided to do the series from there, so this first one, from the middle of the series was found while at the canoeing flash mob – well when I say found, it was in the hands of another cacher and I just signed the log and passed it on to the next cacher !

30th April 2017 – M. May the Fourth (2014) be with you ! – GC4ACMD – cache #4239
I was doing the series with UKCacheMag, and as we started we met Anytar, TaraDBA, NinjaJ_10 and Mr Potty, so it made sense to walk the series with them – 12 eyes are better than 4 !
Not that we had any problem finding this cache – I am old enough to understand the hint ! (which has now been changed but I guess was something to do with “The Golden Shot”)

30th April 2017 – N. May the Fourth (2014) be with you ! – GC4ACMF – cache #4240
We made the error of looking where the grass and weeds had been flattened rather than looking at the co-ordinates and clue – but we got there in the end

30th April 2017 – A. May the Fourth (2014) be with you ! – GC4ACJ8 – cache #4241
Ninja J and Mr P had this one in hand before the adults got there

30th April 2017 – B. May the Fourth (2014) be with you ! – GC4ACJN – cache #4242
Another quick find for the younger members of the party

30th April 2017 – C. May the Fourth (2014) be with you ! – GC4ACJT – cache #4243
Ninja J found the cache while some other members of the party were still trying to make the clue fit the rails of the nearby bridge

30th April 2017 – D. May the Fourth (2014) be with you ! – GC4ACJY – cache #4244
Use the hint and find the cache… simples

30th April 2017 – E. May the Fourth (2014) be with you ! – GC4ACK0 – cache #4245
A good cachers trail led us to the cache hiding place

30th April 2017 – F. May the Fourth (2014) be with you ! – GC4ACK2 – cache #4246
The hint tells you exactly where it is !

30th April 2017 – G. May the Fourth (2014) be with you ! – GC4ACK7 – cache #4247
I don’t remember this one at all – I have a photograph of Anytar holding it, so we definitely found it but I remember nothing about it… I must be getting old and losing my short term memory !

30th April 2017 – H. May the Fourth (2014) be with you ! – GC4ACK9 – cache #4248
This one took a while to find… in fact more than a while… in fact Anytar was seriously getting worried about getting back in time for her canoeing slot because it took so long to find this cache.
Eventually after examining the pill box inside and out Adam (UKCacheMag) stood back and spotted the cache

30th April 2017 – I. May the Fourth (2014) be with you ! – GC4ACKE – cache #4249
Some dodgy counting and dodgy maths went on, but we got there in the end

30th April 2017 – Medway Micro – GC1N30Y – cache #4250
As the series took us past this cache it would have been rude not to stop off and sign it

30th April 2017 – J. May the Fourth (2014) be with you ! – GC4ACM4 – cache #4251
An easy find for Mr Potty – well we all took a place that matched the hint to look and he chose the right one to search

30th April 2017 – K. May the Fourth (2014) be with you ! – GC4ACM6 – cache #4252
We looked up down and all around, eventually resorting to looking at Gordani’s photo on his log which somehow led me straight to the cache (it shows the size and style of container and I assumed he hadn’t moved more than a step from where he found the container so I knew roughly where to stand to grab hold of it – from there it was easy !)

30th April 2017 – LQ:KENT – Granny’s Island – GC15GTW – cache #4253
Sunday afternoon in Kent, and Adam (UKCacheMag) decided he wanted to go and get the Little Quest cache for the county, so off we popped to find it.
Easy enough to find the cache once we got there…
Coming from a Yorkshire Dales gritstone area the chalk landscape looks very strange – white soil ? weird !

30th April 2017 – Overview (Kent) – GCA2FA – cache #4254
Once we had the LQ the only caches that we had co-ords for were the caches programmed into my car’s Tom-Tom – those are Virtuals and YOSM locations, so the nearest one was this virtual…
What a nice view you get from up here – France really isn’t far away is it !

30th April 2017 – Ye Ole Survey Monuments – GC45CC – cache #4255
YSM597 Sellindge
The Sellindge pillar is right by the fence at the side of the road – unfortunately the fence is up a 6ft steep embankment but I got up there to reach the pillar

30th April 2017 – Ye Ole Survey Monuments – GC45CC – cache #4256
YSM536 Torry Hill Park
A Narrow road to park on, but only a short distance form the road to the cache – and as it’s a very quiet road no cars came past while we were in the field looking at the pillar

30th April 2017 – Ye Ole Survey Monuments – GC45CC – cache #4257
YSM611 Snodland
There were a suspicious looking couple of stones piled behind the FBM block – to the experienced eye they look just the type of thing you would find a cache under – so we looked under and sure enough there was a geocache.
There is no cache shown at the location on the map so it must be a puzzle cache or a bonus cache from a nearby series, all we have to do now is work out which cache it is so we can log it !

30th April 2017 – BB15 (ND40) Birling Bash – GC5PZP2 – cache #4258
I am assuming this is the cache I found !
The most likely candidate was this cache. I worked out the co-ords from the puzzle and they are a little out to what my GPS said when I found the cache, but not by more than a few feet so it must be this cache !

30th April 2017 – Ye Ole Survey Monuments – GC45CC – cache #4259
YSM569 Holly Hill
A nice bluebell wood to walk through to get to this pillar, and then an informative notice board nearby to tell you all about the Trig Point

30th April 2017 – KM2017 – “Is there anybody there?” Flash meet – GC70NJY – cache #4260
A Flashmob to get people together before the night caches were released. I Turned up to do the Night Walk and formed a group with Lambs at 9, one of the Linedancers, Moortrekka, Meltediceberg, and a few others including children and grandchildren of some of the aforementioned.
Torches, GPS, phones (well the caches were published when we were halfway round) and a sheet with the co-ords and hints on at the ready and off we went

30th April 2017 – 201. COE: Transylvania (Fright night walk 1) – GC74BP5 – cache #4261
Not exactly the easiest of series to walk around in the dark, what with locked gates and paths on maps that don’t really exist… But it was a very enjoyable experience nonetheless thanks to the people I was going round with.
The worst thing was it was past last orders before we got back to the pub !
We signed as Team Mint Sauce (for the Lambs at 9)

30th April 2017 – 202. COE: Transylvania (Fright night walk 2) – GC74BPK – cache #4262

30th April 2017 – 203. COE: Transylvania (Fright night walk 3) – GC74BPX – cache #4263

30th April 2017 – 204. COE: Transylvania (Fright night walk 4) – GC74BQK – cache #4264

30th April 2017 – 205. COE: Transylvania (Fright night walk 5) – GC74BQW – cache #4265

30th April 2017 – 206. COE: Transylvania (Fright night walk 6) – GC74BXC – cache #4266

30th April 2017 – 207. COE: Transylvania (Fright night walk 7) – GC74BXJ – cache #4267

30th April 2017 – 208. COE: Transylvania (Fright night walk 8) – GC74BXQ – cache #4268

30th April 2017 – 200. COE: Transylvania (Fright night walk Bonus) – GC74BRQ – cache #4269
Mr Monkeydestructor signed the cache, not sure where we ran into him !

I called this entry ‘The Longest Day’… I have been wearing a step counter for many months, and this day was the day I did the most steps, 30056 in total (which is only about 13 miles, but is a record for me)

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