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Caches No’s 4130 to 4150 – North Wales Mega Part IV

Submitted by on Sunday, 7 August 2016No Comment
Caches No’s 4130 to 4150 – North Wales Mega Part IV

The day following the Mega I woke up in my hotel and decided that I would spend the morning looking for caches around Corwen (the town I was staying in). The first of these, the Church Micro, took rather longer to find than expected as it was hidden behind the church on a track that was not obvious how you got onto it, so I ended up walking all round the roads around the church until I found the right track !

7th August 2016 – Church Micro 7780…Capel Seion GC – cache #4130

7th August 2016 – REALLY SideTracked – Corwen GC5QGZF – cache #4131
No trains on a Sunday so the place was deserted and an easy find

7th August 2016 – Corwen Workhouse GC6MCG1 – cache #4132
As I was stood by the noticeboard working out the coords I was passed by a couple more sets of cachers, one lot heading up the hill and one lot coming down

The cache itself was easy to find, the area quiet on a Sunday morning

7th August 2016 – Corwen Carpark GC4HYG5 – cache #4133
I parked right by the cache (in front of the no parking sign) ! and quickly grabbed the cache, then handed it over to the cacher who followed me into the carpark !

7th August 2016 – Rhug GC33R29 – cache #4134
It has become a tradition that on the day following the Mega the next year’s committee hold a Handover event, so we went to the nearby Rhug Estate, and a farm shop / cafe place and all sat out in the sun chatting about caches and events and such – then I went to do the cache walk set out for the event.

This first cache wasn’t a new one, but was just at the end of the car park so an obvious one to do first

7th August 2016 – #1. Rhug Ramble GC6NKBE – cache #4135
When I arrived at the Devon Handover event, the Rhug Ramble caches hadn’t been published so weren’t on the computer so I first spent 10 minutes programming them in to my GPS.
Then set off on the walk… The low bridge was more of an issue than the water – I don’t bend as easy as I used to !

7th August 2016 – #2. Rhug Ramble GC6NKBM – cache #4136
I wasn’t the first round the walk so there was a bit of a trail already to the cache – easy to find

7th August 2016 – #3. Rhug Ramble GC6NKBX – cache #4137
Met some other cachers here so the log was handed to me to sign rather than me having to find the container

7th August 2016 – #16. Rhug Ramble GC6NVVP – cache #4138
I’d met other cachers at number 3 and headed off to this one with them, so when we got to the GZ and there were 4 possible places for it to be we had plenty of people to search.
The others were only dong a short loop so headed on while I headed back to 3 and then on to 4 where I met other cachers

7th August 2016 – #4. Rhug Ramble GC6NKC2 – cache #4139
Took a bit of time to work out the way through the farm yard and buildings – there may be signs that we missed but eventually we got the right gate and got to the GZ. Then it was a case of searching everywhere until the cache was found – the other cachers then went back to the visitor centre, and I headed out for the rest of the walk alone

7th August 2016 – #5. Rhug Ramble GC6NKC6 – cache #4140
Easy to find with a big clue like ‘slate’

7th August 2016 – #6. Rhug Ramble GC6NKCB – cache #4141
It was a bit of a stretch to get the cache, the footing didn’t feel particularly solid !

After this I didn’t find GC6NKCD #7. Rhug Ramble – the hint said ‘gate’ these young fellas weren’t going to let me look at the gate without agitating them, and you don’t want to be agitating young bullocks

7th August 2016 – #8. Rhug Ramble GC6NKCG – cache #4142
A quick find, coordinates led me straight to it

7th August 2016 – #9. Rhug Ramble GC6NVV3 – cache #4143
After a bit of searching round soon had the cache in hand

7th August 2016 – #10. Rhug Ramble GC6NVV6 – cache #4144
I saw another cacher walking away from the cache who warned me of a wasps nest in the hollow tree and told me to go to the other side of the tree for the cache – so I had no problem with them

7th August 2016 – #11. Rhug Ramble GC6NVV8 – cache #4145
The grass was well flattened – which made the cache quite difficult to find as it was hidden under the trampled grass !

7th August 2016 – #12. Rhug Ramble GC6NVVB – cache #4146
Plenty of places to search, but I soon spotted the cache

7th August 2016 – #13. Rhug Ramble GC6NVVF – cache #4147
From the hint there was little doubt as to where the cache was, but with dark glasses on it was difficult to see it inside a dark space !

7th August 2016 – #14. Rhug Ramble GC6NVVH – cache #4148
The hint said ‘Thorns’ there definitely were thorns… good job I was wearing a hat as that protected my head from them as I searched for the cache

7th August 2016 – #15. Rhug Ramble GC6NVVJ – cache #4149
Last one of the ramble… and an easy find to finish off with… and after a quick chat to the cachers still at the cafe it was time to head back home

EDIT : This was not only the last of the Rhug Ramble – it also turned out to be the last proper Geocache I found in 2016 ! all the rest of the year any smileys were events and YOSM’s – no containers to find, no logs to sign.

7th August 2016 – Ye Ole Survey Monuments GC45CC – cache #4150
This time logging YSM677 Gwynfryn – I wasn’t the first Mega attendee to look here this week and all the likely stones for the rivet to be on had been uncovered and cleaned up so it was easy to spot the remains of the rivet – the verge trimmer has ripped the top off the rivet but the shank is still in place.

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