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The Last Evening Caches of Summer – Caches No’s 753-770

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The Last Evening Caches of Summer – Caches No’s 753-770

23rd August 2010 – The Chelker Walk 1 GC1PHKB – cache #753
Monday evening, and although it was a bit damp I decided that I would go and do a set of caches around the nearby Chelker reservoir. The first cache of the walk was hidden under the stones of a stile

23rd August 2010 – The Chelker Walk 2 GC1PHKF – cache #754
Just after I found the first cache it started raining and raining quite badly, fortunately I had my cagoule, but it meant that I had to shelter until the shower was over to get the next cache open and signed. The cache was hidden by a stone next to a gatepost

23rd August 2010 – The Chelker Walk 3 GC1PHKP – cache #755
The third cache of the series is hidden in a hollow tree

23rd August 2010 – The Chelker Walk 4 GC1PHKR – cache #756
The next cache was hidden under a stone in the fork of a tree trunk

23rd August 2010 – The Chelker Walk 5 GC1PHM2 – cache #757
The fifth cache was hidden under a stone next to a fence post, unfortunately the path from 4 to 5 is indistinct so I got a bit lost wandering up and down the hill and eventually just got to looking at every fence post until I found the right one

23rd August 2010 – The Chelker Walk 6 GC1PHM5 – cache #758
This cache is an ammo box hidden in the disused concrete base of some old building or other in a field full of sheep. I was a bit wary of this cache because by now it was dark and I had to use my torch to find it, but the farmhouse less than a hundred yards away had it’s curtains open so my torch would be visible to any occupants in the house, and farmers get a little upset about people messing with their sheep which they could well have thought the torch in the field belonged to.

It was too dark to do the final two caches in the sereis so I headed straight for the road and walked back to my car

24th August 2010 – Getting board in Hirst Wood GC10BEW – cache #759
Tuesday lunchtime and a puzzle cache based on the letter values of scrabble tiles, easily solved with a bit of help from wikipedia.
The cache is hidden in a wood, and unfortunately the wood was a bit wet and muddy after the previous nights rain, so I had to clean my shoes well before going back into the office

24th August 2010 – Woodstock GC2BB59 – cache #760
In the evening I headed out to Horsforth to do a few more caches towards the 800 target, Woodstock is a cache in a wood (aren’t most of them ?) and so suffers the normal GPS accuracy problem, but I found it easily enough in the fork of a tree

24th August 2010 – Camocache 2 GC2C0D1 – cache #761
This cache is again hidden in a tree, this time in the hollow af a tree about 6feet from the ground, so you have to feel for it (unless you are a basketball player I suppose)

24th August 2010 – Tommy GC19HB5 – cache #762
Onto the canal bank and a cache hidden by the concrete base of a metal frame that carries a pipe across the canal

24th August 2010 – RAH3 GC28J33 – cache #763
A cache that had been missing when I looked a couple of weeks earlier, but had since been replaced and as I already knew where to look I found it easily enough even though it was dark by now

26th August 2010 – Austby 1 Jose Merino GC13BHK – cache #764
Thursday, and a short walk near Ilkley to get three caches, the first being hidden in the base of a hedge

26th August 2010 – Austby 2 Middle Austby GC13BJ5 – cache #765
The second being hidden in the fork of a tree, covered by stones and in view of the people in the nearby house (well perhaps not in view of the house, but they could see you had stopped behind the tree)

26th August 2010 – Austby 3 T Birds GC13BJH – cache #766
The final cache is hidden under a planter at the end of someones drive, easy enough to find though I had to be serruptitous and sneak along below the level of the wall to avoid the chap lawn mowing the other side of it

27th August 2010 – The Chelker Walk 7 GC1PHMC – cache #767
Friday, and back to finish the series I had had to abandon on Monday because of the failing light, this cache was hidden in a hole in the ground covered by a rock

27th August 2010 – The Chelker Walk 8 GC1PHMF – cache #768
And the final cache of the series was in a pile of rocks in a field, it is a replacemnet cache put there by someone other than the original cache setter and made out of a drinks bottle they happened to have on them.

27th August 2010 – Anoraknophobia GC1BGK0 – cache #769
On my way back I stopped off in addingham to get a couple of caches, the first a two parter where the first cache has the co-ords of the second. People had logged that they couldn’t or had had great difficulty finding the first, though the hint “tree by the wall nearest the stream” or some such seemed pretty unambiguous to me and I found the cache within seconds.
The second part of the cache was a couple of hundred yards away and hidden in the roots of a tree covered by a rock

27th August 2010 – YorkshireParks #2 GC20YGA – cache #770
The final cache of the evening was in a park, which ahd a group of children playing in it, they were at the other end of the park from the cache when I went in, but gravitated up to where the cache was before I found it… this always creates a dilemma for me, a middle aged bloke hanging around in a park where kids are playing can look a bit odd to some people… but eventually they went back down the other end of the field allowing me to climb on the wall and get the cache out of the fork of the tree it was hidden in.

This was not only the last cache of the evening, but the last evening cache of the summer, it’s now getting dark too early to go out caching as the caches I have left to find are getting to be a fair distance from my house, there just isn’t time to do them now

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