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WASH 2006

Submitted by on Monday, 28 September 2009One Comment
WASH 2006

The biggest change in the twenty-odd years I have been going to Searles happened in 2006… They swapped the toilets over !  The Ladies toilet had become the Gents and the old Gents had become the Ladies.
I always had a certain regard for the old gents toilets, the door handle made a satisfactory sound when it banged on the tiled wall and the counter with the sinks was a suitable place to put your drink down if you found you were still carrying it into the loo’s.

The girls, who were now using what used to be the Gents toilet were amazed at the size of their new toilets and complained that the boys had had it good for so many years as the Ladies had much smaller facilities. What they didn’t seem to grasp at first was that the Gents toilets had been smaller, but had now been extended for use as Ladies facilities.

Even in my drunkest state I only ‘forgot’ which toilet to head to and went towards the wrong one, though there were other people (of both sexes) whose confusion sent them right into the wrong room.


What the Committee said…

Hi all

Hope the heatwave continues – wonder if will last until November? Perhaps not because some things never change at WASH


We may have some exciting news next week about altered drinking hours, a novel way for loads of people to see the fireworks, and even more of the top accommodation available

Big thanks to those who have paid deposits – numbers are looking good, so if you thought you would give this year a miss as numbers falling DON’T. Target 300 is definitely looking on. Just think how good it’s going to be – full venue, top entertainment, a totally revamped Saturday night, return of the film at the Princess Theatre AND the chance to ply me with alcohol all weekend!

A band booked for Friday night was seen through an alcoholic haze by Keith, me and Dawn lot last Saturday at the Kings Lynn Festival. 7,000 other people packed into the market place for what is in the top ten free festivals in Europe, quite rated them as well. They got their spot by winning Battle of the Bands on the local radio station.

Next week we will let you know how YOU can take part in some voting that will help shape Sunday night’s musical entertainment.

18 days until deposit deadline
76 days until balances deadline
113 days until WASH (oh bugger, where’s the Valium!)

Paul, WASH 2006 Bookings Officer

What the Committee said…


What the Committee said…


What the Committee said…


What they said…

I must add my thanks to Keith and his team for putting on another fine WASH weekend…

On Friday night the main entertainment was watching peoples confused embarassment from going in the wrong toilets ! The band was good too, though being old I preferred their second Glam Rock set to their modern set.
Lack of a chip shop was a bit of a problem at 1.30am Saturday morning, fortunately our caravan was well stocked with pringles, crisps, biscuits and the like for those late night munchies 🙂
Saturday I had a quietish morning going to Tesco’s cafe for breakfast and then wandering into Hunstanton to look around the town. I have always liked going to the Princess Theatre, but didn’t bother this year cos I saw “Over The Hedge” at the cinema and didn’t think it was worth seeing again, so Saturday afternoon was spent taking it easy, then we had a sing song and a bit of a tea time party in our caravan (lethal vodka jelly !)
The Comedy Show on Saturday I thought was a bit hit and miss… mainly cos I could only understand about 1 word in 3 of what the Australian guy was saying… the Hillbilly version of Bohemian Rhapsody though was a highlight of the whole weekend.
Shamus O’blivion and the Megadeath Morrismen may not have been to everyones taste but my hands still hurt from banging my morris pole on the ground for an hour though I left most of the manic dancing to those far younger and fitter than me !

Sunday morning and a quiet introduction to the day in the form of Aqua Line Dancing in the pool… it was really great, much more entertaining than the aqua aerobics sessions of previous years, then it was back to the caravan for bacon sandwiches before going down to the quiz. unfortunately my team didn’t win the quiz, we were in a clear second place but were beaten by the WASH committee team… though we claim a moral victory on the grounds that
a) there were less than 6 people in our team
b) none of our team related in anyway to the people doing the marking of the answer sheets !
c) none of us were the people responsible for the booking and the paying of the quiz masters !

Sunday Night saw one of the best acts we have ever seen at WASH… Pop Goes The 80’s, it’s rare to see a band like that with 3 such good singers, they certainly had the whole room dancing, including the bar staff and the St Johns Ambulance people – an audience reaction not really seen since the appearence of the boys from Foxx ten years ago. The band really looked to be enjoying themselves too, I think they liked some of the audiences rock star costumes ! ! They were up in the top 5 of bands ever seen at WASH, maybe not quite up to the standards of Oceanic (1992) Four Bills and a Ben (1995) or the late great Edwin Starr (1990) but up there close behind them.

All in all another highly enjoyable and successful WASH weekend
Roll on WASH 2007…. but remember there’s Brean in the spring first ! !

Fil – Plus email forum
(I didn’t remember writing that either !)

Confusion… which toilet is which ? ?

What they said…

Well I had a good weekend and thanks to the WASH committee for the entertainment.

Got to Searles at 3:15pm just in time to Book in and say hi to the people at booking in. The band on Friday was good. The Glam Rock band we noticed that the lead singer was reading the words to the verses when singing but then the guy maybe only 20 and was not born until 10 years after glam rock. 🙂  Then again he could sing and play the guitar better than me.

Went to Kings Lynn for shopping got the bits we wanted. I liked the idea of the Searles Train for the Firework display. It was better than any Plus coach I had been on. It made the Fireworks go with a bang, rattle, bump or whistle. 🙂 Got back and got into my habit or was it the Deep Fat Friar (Thanks Chris Page) How to confuse a Australian comedian put up a Brentwood Plus Banner and dress medieval. He thought we were all Brentwood Plus, also I had no problem understanding any of them. I just want to know when is the 2nd comedian going to release the country version of Bohemian Rhapsody as I would buy it. I don’t know if it was a good thing or bad, but with the comedian’s could not see us. So no poking fun at people dressed as monks. As for the Morris dance band I thought it was a nice change since we normally have a cover band of some type. But then they said they only did songs about 2 things, Sex or Death.

Walked into Hunstanton and had lunch in a pub in town so sadly missed the quiz. But as Joe said I do like good quiz team names like Richard Hammond’s Pit Crew or Saddam Hussein’s Executioners. As for the Sunday bands they were just as good as the others. The venue was the busiest I had seen it on a Sunday night in years as a lot of people have to work on Monday morning.

Sorted the rubbish in the lodge and packed in the morning. Had a carrier bag full of glass bottles for recycling in Tesco’s bottle bank. Did my bit for the environment then again not as many as past years. I did not want to go home since I had enjoyed the weekend. Avoided the traffic jam just after Norfolk Lavender by turning left there and then the next right in Sedgeford to get to Snettisham then turned left through Dersingham to Kings Lynn and home in quick time.

Only had two problems with the weekend.

1. It was not long enough
2. Nothing

I hope to be there next year

Chris – Plus email forum

Kaboos… played the first set on Friday night
Glamorize… played the second set on Friday night
beneath the make-up they looked very similar to Kaboos

What the Committee said…

Hi All

Hope you all feel as rough as I do. Just like to say an enormous Thank You to everyone who came to WASH 2006. It’s YOUR event so feedback would be much appreciated. WASH 2007 IS DEFINITELY HAPPENING

My highlights of WASH 2006

1. Winning the quiz
2. Being kept warm and safe by Jo T on the land train
3. Winning the quiz
4. When going to pay ‘Pop Goes The 80’s’ last night, seeing the ladies in their bras
5. Winning the quiz
6. Keith Israel getting so wrecked that he ended up in another bed getting his toe nails painted
7. Winning the quiz
8. Lara’s pom poms,
9. Winning the quiz
10. The weather
11. Winning the quiz
12. Our caravan party which went on a bit longer than we anticipated
13. Winning the quiz
14. Being used as a human chair by Pom Pom girl at above mentioned party – I always knew I was fat for a good reason
15. Winning the quiz
16. Impressing Chris by downing in one stupid amount of Ukrainian Pepper Vodka and living to tell the tale
17. Winning the quiz

I’m sure as my consciousness gradually returns I will think of some more. There appears to be a theme to my weekend, involving sexy young ladies and unhealthy amounts of alcohol. Lets have yours

Paul  – WASH 2006 Bookings Officer

Some of the many costumes of Pop Goes The 80’s

Some of the many 80’s costumes in the crowd

What they said…

Great time, great people great atmosphere too…….:) See you next year – Alex

Just wanted to thank the WASH committee for organising another fantasic WASH weekend.
The band on Saturday night certainly had to be seen to be believed. I think I need to get myself a tambourine!! The Sunday night band were also excellent, the most people I’ve seen on the dance floor on a Sunday for a good few years.
Wonder how many of you are feeling as knackered as I am. However it was certainly worth it. Roll on the next one. – Lara

It was an excellent weekend, my thanks to all the organising committee. Put me down as one who thought the Saturday band were bloomin’ brilliant – there’s plenty of dance music played over the rest of the weekend. – Huw

To all, Once again thanks for a fantastic weekend amongst true friends (everybody at WASH 2006). You guys and girls are absolutely amazing. – Pat & the boys – Black Express Roadshow

Just a quick note to say thank you to the WASH committee for another brilliant weekend. I especially enjoyed the friday night band(s)!! and the eighties tribuite band on sunday night. I think my feet have just about recovered from dancing all weekend to the great tunes spun by the Black Express roadshow, cheers guys. Here’s to next year… – Hazel

It was another WashTastic Weekend! Many many many thanx to the whole organising committee!
Friday night was WashTastic – chatting to so many people, getting them to enter the Brean Competition (which btw is won by Richard Leach, who didn’t even know he entered!).
Saturday day was WashTastic – Hadn’t seen the film before and it was funny (could we go to the cinema again next year?)
Saturday night was WashTastic – Loved the comedians (although I couldn’t understand the last one much) and the band was.. eh.. different 🙂
Sunday day was WashTastic – We actually made it to 18th place 😀
And Sunday night.. WashTastic – Where do I start? – Winning second fancy dress prize and playing the part all night (good call, Phill, we had to move Ozzie out for safety reasons), convincing everyone weeks before hand that if we do our little Becks dance people will join in (whahahaha.. glad the dj changed the music after two minutes) and the best compliment of the weekend – ‘I love the Dutch’, said Keith Israel,’They spit when they talk English.’ Thank you very much!!! 😀 And see you at Brean! – Kirsty (recovering while having a smoke and a pancake)

All from the Plus email forum

Seamus O’blivion…
… and the Megadeath Morrismen
They certainly got the crowd dancing

What the Committee said…

To All

Thank you very much for your attendance at WASH 2006 and your kind comments on this list. Now that 2 weeks have past I would like to summarise as follows.
I thought Friday was fine with Kaboos providing two different and ideal warm up sets. Karaoke went very well and thanks to Adam for the show (Do you think if we started the Karaoke at 3-00pm on Friday and just kept going until Monday morning there would be enough time for everyone to have a go?). I didn’t get to the movie but understand it was well received but I did get to ride on the train to the Fireworks which was great and a bit different. Posts suggest that Saturday night was not everyone’s cup of tea but we wanted to change things about a bit so as not to be samey I note we had one entry saying it was not their thing followed immediatley by one saying it was excellent, the problems of organising a holiday weekend eh. The aqua line dancing was a new and different activity which was followed by the quiz which remains excellent fun and of course the finale was Pop goes the Eighties which had just about total approval from everyone. I could go on about the excellent facilities the fact there seemed more parties that went on later than ever this year and much more but it was a pleasure for me and the committee to once again organise this event and know you had a good time.
Just a couple of individual points
1) Putting nail varnish on my toenails when I am asleep is just wrong Fuscia Blush is sooo not my colour.
2) Kirsty – when I say Dutch people spit I suppose its more of a tshcp sound Martin Jol does it as well I hope you were not offended.
3) Richard – I did not get upset when you called me an old git as on reflection I’ve probably got socks which are older than you. It was good to meet you.
4)We won the quiz.
I am delighted to say we have already sold 25 deposits for WASH 2007 which will be on the 2nd-5th November 2007.

Best wishes


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  • Ian said:

    Fil – this is an excellent labour of love. Just got to get a quick 3 week sojourn to Perth, Oz out the way, then I can fully look forward to WASH 2009.

    PS how about a feature of me and all my harem!

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