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Caches No’s 4969 to 4981 – The Streak

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Caches No’s 4969 to 4981 – The Streak

For the last few years Groundspeak have come up with odd ways to keep people caching over the summer, they do this by having events that if you complete them they give you a ‘souvenir’ – a virtual gold star to stick on your virtual wallchart.

Earlier in the Summer they had had a very complicated Jewel Heist event, for which they assigned certain properties to certain caches and you had to find the properties in the right order and in the end it required you to find something like 70 caches… Nobody I know seemed to take any notice of it. The second event was much easier – The Streak – find a cache every day for seven days… Easy !

26th August 2019 – It’s a Monster… GC6MDHN – cache #4969
The streak started on Sunday – when I had been down to the Midlands and found a few caches. The next day was Bank Holiday Monday which I had set aside for a trip out with my elderly Mother… she decided that she wanted to go and buy bargains at Boundary Mill in Colne… Not much chance of finding a cache there.
So on the way home I stopped off and jumped out to grab this cache – an Earthcache about a 10ft square paving slab, which was the largest paving slab in the world… but now isn’t !
(grabbing this cache basically just involved pulling up at the side of the road and taking a couple of photographs, then back in the car and away home

Next morning I didn’t find GC85TKC Grove Hill Park Multi
I had to take my car for Mot and Servicing at the Renault garage so was walking back into town past the park.
I had a nice walk round the park collecting the data and after a quick bit of arithmetic got the checker to say yes.
At the final coordinates there was a very obvious place matching the hint, but all I could find were cobwebs and dust.
It felt a bit exposed to be fiddling about where I was on private land out in the open in view of everyone walking past and when I heard one lady walking past ask her companion ‘what do you think he’ s doing?’ I decided I’d had enough of searching and left.
The cache may be there but I couldn’t find it

27th August 2019 – Leeds Drink and Chat 20 GC8C280 – cache #4970
Almost the last to arrive and almost the last to leave… a typical LD&C for me !

27th August 2019 – Foundry Square GC4H9VQ – cache #4971
the Coordinates were visible from the pub and so we all trooped out across the square to find the cache.

28th August 2019 – Church Micro 12019 . . . Ilkley – St Margaret’s GC7V6M9 – cache #4972
After last week’s DNF the CO went to check and found it still there so I went back and had another look, and still couldn’t find the cache in the obvious spot where I had looked before.. But as it had been found in the intervening days I decided that I needed to step back and look again and this time saw something else that could hide a cache and there it was.
You just have to ignore the obvious place and camouflage!

28th August 2019 – WRW #8: Riverside Park – Spot The Shyness! GC7CXNJ – cache #4973
A quick find this time after failing twice a week or so ago – but the cache had been replaced in the meantime

29th August 2019 – The Fibonacci Sequence GC7X50E – cache #4974
An easy find once I had got the right path – just follow the hint

29th August 2019 – Ilkley Historical Multi #3: Ben Rhydding GC8BHJW – cache #4975
After clearing all the Ilkley town centre caches in the last couple of weeks I moved on to Ben Rhydding.
After a walk round getting the answers I must have made a mistake with the arithmetic as the coordinates I got put the cache in a garden north of the railway, but the aerial view showed a place matching the hint in line with it but north of the railway and there I found the cache

29th August 2019 – Church Micro 11006 . . . Ben Rhydding GC7978Y – cache #4976
After doing the Ben Rhydding historical multi I had to walk past the church to get back to my car, so it was easy to get this multi along the way

30th August 2019 – Wharfedale Le Tour Climbs #3- Cote de Cow & Calf GC8BCWC – cache #4977
A quick but of arithmetic and a quick find at the corrected cooordinates

31st August 2019 – Grove Hill Park Multi GC85TKC – cache #4978
After failing to find this one on Tuesday I saw the cache had been moved and replaced and as I had to take some garden rubbish to the nearby tip I stopped off for the cache.
Fortunately bin day is Monday so I fished the scrap of paper with the answers on out of the waste paper basket and recalculated for the new coords.
Spot on coordinates and a clear hint so no problem finding the cache
Thanks for refreshing the cache

31st August 2019 – Weir Is It? GC7BJ6Z – cache #4979
I’d failed to find this cache back in October last year, now it has been replaced in a different place and another DNF is turned to a smiley face

31st August 2019 – Ye Old Man Wharfe….. GC7RB32 – cache #4980
I have been coming down this road past the field and banking all my life.
When I was younger I used to imagine that the fluvial terrace was actually the embankment of a disused railway line to the Lido because it sort of resembles that.
Now I know what it really is, thanks to this earthcache

31st August 2019 – The Rocks of Wharfedale GC7RB1P – cache #4981
I drive to work past these stepping stones so I pass them at least twice a day every day, and I have walked along the footpath on the South side of the river many times – but I have never crossed the river on these Stepping Stones (and I still haven’t because I only went halfway, turned round and came back)

It is surprising how quickly the water in the river rises and falls depending upon rainfall higher up the valley and the stepping stones are good indicators for this… we can have had a dry day here but the stepping stones can turn from being high up out of the water in the morning to being totally covered over at night.

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