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About the Site

This site was cobbled together using WordPress. I know a little about HTML, enough to know that I didn’t really want to code each page by hand using Dreamweaver or whatever, so I decided what I wanted from my site and examined the various possibilities.

I needed more than just a basic blog, because although I could enter the basic content updates as blog posts I wanted at least 4 sections available from the index page and I didn’t want to have to mess about tagging posts. I also wanted a menu of static pages to introduce each of my sections.

So I was looking for a full content manager system, and basically the choice I found was one of three, Drupal, Joomla or WordPress… and basically I went with WordPress because it didn’t have a name that only geeks would use.

The site is hosted on my own domain, hosted by www.one.com, I don’t know if they really are a good host in the grand scheme of things, but they have a php database as used by WordPress and they are cheap !

I looked through all the WordPress templates I could find on the net and decided on Arthemia as being a good starting point for what I wanted. Then as I don’t know .php programming at all I just hacked away at the various page templates until I got it how I want it.

And that’s about it…