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Caches No’s 4893 to 4917 – Aberdeen Sunday

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Caches No’s 4893 to 4917 – Aberdeen Sunday

Sunday morning and the weather wasn’t looking as good as it had the previous morning, so after another hearty breakfast I decided that my plan for the day was to go to the campsite and laugh at the people trying to get their vehicles out through the mud, then go and do the the two sets of Lab Caches
There were more people leaving than expected, because of the weather and the fact that the campsite was now cut off from a fresh water supply a lot of campers packed up a day early and went home

11th August 2019 – Aberdeenshire 2019 Campsite – Good Morning Sussex GC87CVZ – cache #4893
Sunday morning and back to the Campsite to show willing for the Sussex Mega Crew – Since they formed their committee they have been to the Devon, the Yorkshire and the Aberdeen Mega so they will have seen what worked and what didn’t, and hopefully they can make their plans accordingly
They had an excellently silly event, an indoor duck race… kids paddling pool, two aquarium pumps to swirl the water round and loads of very tiny rubber ducks…
And they had a duck shaped log book


11th August 2019 – Ballater Riverside Walks Lab Cache – cache #4894
Two sets of Adventure Lab Caches to do, the first in the village of Ballater.
The first cache I did was down on a house by the river

11th August 2019 – Ballater Bridge Lab Cache – cache #4895
The second was on the bridge over the river

11th August 2019 – Crane Lab Cache – cache #4896
This crane was rescued from a nearby quarry and displayed on the edge of town

11th August 2019 – Monaltrie Park Lab Cache – cache #4897
The park where the Ballater Highland Games were held earlier in the week

11th August 2019 – Railway Station Lab Cache – cache #4898
The station at Ballater was where Queen Victoria went from when she was at Balmoral, so is rather swanky

11th August 2019 – Royal Warrant Village Lab Cache – cache #4899
And because Balmoral is nearby several of the older businesses had Royal Warrants to supply the Castle

11th August 2019 – Ballater & Cairngorms Lab Cache – cache #4900
How many Munros in the area ?

11th August 2019 – Diamond Jubilee Cairn Lab Cache – cache #4901
The Diamond Jubilee in Question is not Victoria’s but Elizabeth II’s

11th August 2019 – Ballater War Memorial Lab Cache – cache #4902
And as usual the war memorial is used as a Lab Cache

11th August 2019 – Automobile Association Call Box Lab Cache – cache #4903
Not in the town at all, but almost 3 miles away along the road to Banchory is the old Cambus O’May AA Phone box, one of only 21 AA Call Boxes left in the UK

11th August 2019 – Banchory Tourist Information Lab Cache – cache #4904
The final set of Adventure Lab caches was in the town of Banchory, a set that like the Stonehaven ones you had to go round in a particular order. The first one involved finding a Jewel on the floor

11th August 2019 – Banchory Scout Hut and Totem Pole Lab Cache – cache #4905
Next was a Native American totem pole – like the one in Duthie Park… Totem Poles are obviously popular round here !

11th August 2019 – King George VI Park Lab Cache – cache #4906
The sign on the gates gave the answer here

11th August 2019 – The Platties Lab Cache – cache #4907
The Platties are a walkway along the rivers edge cantilevered out from the retaining wall which presumably supported the Railway when it ran along here

11th August 2019 – The Watchtower Lab Cache – cache #4908
A Watchtower in the Graveyard, probably not really a watchtower but the Sextons hut really

11th August 2019 – What’s in the graveyard? GC1DMYA – cache #4909
I met a group of cachers in the Graveyard and they pointed out that there was a traditional cache ‘by the wall’, of course it was on the other side of the wall so I hopped over it to get the cache for us all to sign

11th August 2019 – A Bridge too far GC7GJRW – cache #4910
Another one that I wouldn’t have found if i hadn’t been with other cachers who knew it was there, I was just along for the Lab Caches, these other caches were bonus finds for me

11th August 2019 – Scott Skinner Square Lab Cache – cache #4911
This lab cache was a weather vane, a rainbow trout or a salmon ?

11th August 2019 – The Square and War Memorial Lab Cache – cache #4912
A war memorial, a familiar lab cache subject (I did two on war memorials myself in Harrogate after all)

11th August 2019 – Banchory West Church Lab Cache – cache #4913
Count the number of Arch windows…

11th August 2019 – Banchory Information Lab Cache – cache #4914
I guess by this time they were running out of things to set Lab caches on

11th August 2019 – Falls of Feugh Lab Cache – cache #4915
Never heard of the Falls of Feugh before, but there was a lot of water coming down after all the rain so it was quite spectacular

11th August 2019 – Falls of Feugh Revisited GC868F5 – cache #4916
While at the Falls for the Lab Cache it would have been rude not to get the traditional cache there as well, I was not the only one there, a Norwegian family were getting the cache as well

11th August 2019 – Aberdeenshire 2019 Campsite – Auction & Movies GC87E77 – cache #4917
The final event of the week on a damp,dark and muddy campsite… and people wonder why I don’t camp at these things…
I was glad to get back to the comfort of my Hotel !

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