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Tenerife – Tuesday

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Tenerife – Tuesday

Tuesday morning and loads of the group were getting up to go on an Island tour. I seem to remember the bus left at 8:30 or some ridiculous time like that.  Having been to Tenerife before and hired a car while I was there I had been to most of  the places that the tour went to, so I didn’t bother going… instead I went back to sleep when Mark had left !

Eventually I did get up and went to find a local geocache. Why are all the geocaches there on top of hills ? So I walked to the Eastern end of town and climbed the cliffs (well, there is a path, but it’s not a very good path) until I got to the top overlooking the town, and there was the cache. Then I walked back down into town, along the seafront and up the volcanic cone that sits overlooking the town centre. The other cache was up at the top of that one.

The view from the top of the cliff

The view from on top of the volcanic cone

It’s a real volcanic cone with a crater in the middle, I don’t know how may hundreds or thousands of years it has been since there was last any eruptions from this one, but the south west part of Tenerife is full of these cones. (They are actually due an eruption on Tenerife, historically the eruptions somewhere on the island have been in 1909, 1798, 1705, 1492, 1430, 1393, 1341 etc, so on average every hundred years… and it’s been a hundred years since 1909…) After locating the cache I saw what appeared to be a short cut to get back towards the hotel and was walking down that way only to be met by Chris who was walking up the hill. All in all I walked I guess about 5 miles up and down hills in the hot sun, I went back to the hotel and had a snooze !

Another view from the cone, out hotel is indicated

There was consternation in the evening, as everyone had got used to the idea of Mark being in charge and organising everyone and taking them to where they would eat… however Mark was going to watch the Football in the bar over the road, grab a burger while watching the match, and then go to Playa De Las Americas after the game had finished. Alpa was missing her usual food, so we went to an Indian Restaurant, just Alpa, Gavin, Chris and myself. €10 for a reasonable meal with a free bottle of wine – and as Chris and I don’t drink wine Alpa and Gavin did well.

After we had eaten we somehow decided to walk along the seafront to Playa de las Americas, which should have taken 45 minutes or so, it actually took nearer an hour as Alpa kept getting distracted by shops – though all she bought was an ice-cream. Alpa was concerned that we would not be able to find the others, however as we came round the corner of Anthony’s Bar from the sea front the others were just arriving from the other direction, couldn’t have timed it better if we’d tried.

Rhianna, Mark, Nicole, Rob, Gavin, Dave, Manoj, Laura and Paul H at Anthony’s bar

Anthony’s bar is right next to Club Extas, and this had some fascination for Steve who went a chatted to the blonde whowas enticing people into the club, then she escorted him over the road to the cash machine and then back into the club. He reappeared twenty or so minutes later, we didn’t ask what had gone on ! Eventually some people went home, some went on to another bar and three chaps were left at Anhony’s Bar… when we had all gone they went into the Girlie Bar… we didn’t get an answer from them what had gone on either ! !


The rest of us wandered up the street to China White’s which was heaving with people drinking, dancing and having a good time… the only thing was that we spent just over an hour there and I saw all the people in the bar and there is no doubt in my mind that I was the oldest person in there (well it was 3:00am) only the oldest by 10 days cos Jane is less than 2 weeks younger than me, but still, being the oldest swinger in town is a slightly strange feeling (though I wasn’t altogether sober, which may have led to some of the strange feeling)
Taxi’s back to the hotel about 4:15am

Gary getting an eyeful of Vicky’s charms

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