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Caches No’s 3856 to 3864 – Earthcache Day 2015

Submitted by on Sunday, 11 October 2015No Comment
Caches No’s 3856 to 3864 – Earthcache Day 2015

The previous weekend I had found 27 caches towards my target of 172 to get to the 4,000 finds milestone cache. At that rate I would get there mid November. The next Saturday was a bust as I was busy and couldn’t go caching, so on the Sunday I looked for a local place with a high concentration of caches to go to.
It was also Earthcache day, so to get the Earthcache souvenir I had to find an Earthcache. I have found most of the local earthcaches in ‘nice’ places, and so the nearest was in the middle of Leeds… So I headed first to Shadwell where there were almost 20 caches in a small area and then into Leeds for the Earthcache

11th October 2015 – Trunk GC4Y90Z – cache #3856

Not too hard as the name tells you where the cache is going to be


After this I didn’t find GC4RF9G Stile and Stump – Several stones, lots of nettles, no sign of a cache where I was looking

After this I didn’t find GC2NJKR Shadwell Walk #10 – Couldn’t find anything that looked like a cache in the location given in the hint – nor could I get near the location my GPS said was the actual coordinates as it was totally overgrown – not that my GPS was sending me to a place that matched the specifics of the hint anyway !

11th October 2015 – The Pillar GC4V7VP – cache #3857

At last an easy find – after 2 DNF’s it was good to go straight to a cache


11th October 2015 – The 4 Arm’s GC4WRPE – cache #3858
I wandered along the side of the road until my GPS beeped, then I saw 4 arms so had no problem finding the cache


11th October 2015 – Feeling Chopped Off! GC4WBMR – cache #3859
Found the cache easily eough. As the previous finder reports maintenance is needed for both a missing container lid and a full log


11th October 2015 – Ring Road GC4TTA4 – cache #3860
A well constructed hide.


11th October 2015 – The Hollows GC4TT9X – cache #3861
Another well constructed little cache, Fortunately I had tweezers with me to retrieve the log


After this I didn’t find GC4XZT8 Old Fallen Tree – Couldn’t find anything that looked like a cache at the co-ordinates, and neither had several hunters before me

After this I didn’t find GC4TNVA The Haunted Bush – We’ve had a great summer for vegetation, so the location is just totally overgrown… not a haunted bush but an large patch of totally inpenetrable shrubbery – with enough litter in it to make me not want to look too closely

After this I didn’t find GC4VEE8 99 Ice Cream Please! – And another DNF… the co-ordinates are for the middle of the road at the roundabout end of the pedestrian crossing… so no point looking where the arrow points to. There’s a place that matches the description on either side of the road, but neither of them yielded up a cache

After this I didn’t find GC50D3G Twister – 4th DNF in a row on the same CO’s caches… The Co-ords were putting me at the edge of the ditch on the road side, whereas the description talks about walking in the field… so I had no idea which side I should be looking at and I didn’t find anything on either side

After this I didn’t find GC1V7JW Red Hall – 5th DNF in a row… I found nothing here except a rapidly composting tree trunk… poked about in the mulch with my walking pole, but came up with nothing but worms

After this I didn’t find GC4XGB9 My Rainy 18th Birthday. – 6th DNF in a row… the Coords were putting me in the middle of the road, the verge at either side was thorns and nettles, I decided not to bother looking too hard as there was someone walking up the road towards me

After this I didn’t find GC4WP2A Binary – 7th DNF in a row. Couldn’t make anything of the hint, couldn’t see anything at the side of the road, and in a location overlooked by the windows of the house so I wan’t happy about hanging around there too long

11th October 2015 – Left or Right? GC4Y07W – cache #3862
At Last ! after 7 DNF’s in a row a cache that I could actually find


11th October 2015 – Red Hall 2 GC244D3 – cache #3863
Not too hard to find, but enough nettles to make it not a pleasant retrieval


And that was it for the caches near Shadwell, I looked for 17, but could only find 8 – less than 50% success rate, by far my worst days caching ever

11th October 2015 – Yorkshire Playhouse Earth Cache GC5NQYB – cache #3864
We should have had an event here… I’ve been saving this one for Earthcache day… and judging by the logs so had everyone else ! It was a quick in and out for me… I guess I could have made it a drive by going into the disabled car park, but as it was I was there for less than 2 minutes, parked the car in the nearest spot it the car park, walked 50 paces to the rock, walked round the rock, taking a couple of photos and estimating the size, 50 paces back to the car… and offski…


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