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WASH 1995

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WASH 1995

One of the most entertaining things about WASH in the past were the trips to the Princess Theatre, this involved a walk of a mile along the seafront (though there was one evening when the wind was so strong that the waves were being driven up onto the promenade making it impossible to walk along) then a quick call in at Woolworths to stock up on ammunition (any small sweets suitable for throwing, wine gums, jelly babies, maltesers whatever) and then round to the Princess Theatre to see whatever entertainment was lined up for us. Okay so it was a bit like the Muppet Show theatre, remember when they used to pan round to show the audience of strange creatures all carrying on and throwing things at the stage ?  well that was us.
The Princess Theatre had one of the strangest Gents toilets I’ve been to as well, the door to the gents was off the corridor running down the side of the auditorium, but then there were 10 steep steps down to the urinals, imagine a boisterous crowd of not necessarily sober young men queueing for the loo in the interval of a show and you can probably visualize that these steps were not the safest thing to queue on. (They were changed in the renovation of the Theatre in 2002)


What they said…


After a noticeable lack of interest from the rest of my group, Hemel agreed to let me tag along with them in their two caravans. This meant that in the Hemel caravans there were 11 people and Hemel only has 8 members, but we all made up in quality what we lacked in quantity.

I travelled up on my own and joined the rest of Hemel at about 7.00. By 7.10 we had sunk our first two lagers. It was then felt that some food was needed and we raided the cupboards for what the Hemel Girlies had bought. A pork pie and sandwich later we grabbed another beer and headed off to the venue. The first band (Engine) were quite good and I enjoyed them very much. Unfortunately due to the effect of all those lagers I missed the second band, a Madness tribute band. Whilst they were playing I was trying to find my caravan. I had the key and knew the number (131) but every time I tried to creep up on the little bugger it kept moving. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) I was eventually rescued whilst lying flat on my back in the bicycle racks by the illustrious editor of this fine and noble institution “‘Plus News”‘ and blackmailed into writing this piece.

BAD BOYS - 1995's Film at the Princess Theatre

BAD BOYS - 1995's Film at the Princess Theatre

Morning came swiftly and was accompanied by a dawn chorus of ducks and people from next door trying to catch one to eat – mission unsuccessful. Mike and Errol then started on the beer at 7.00. After the excess of the night before I declined and went back to bed. Later Debbie and Rozel declined bacon and eggs and headed off to Aqua Aerobics while the lads headed off to the grand prix course for a bit of go-karting. Errol was the eventual whiner of our little group but only by cheating and missing out one comer all together. Matt B (Watford) then joined Errol and Mike on one of the hire bikes which they proceeded to run off a cliff. Luckily the cliff was only 6 foot high and Matt was the only one to go down with the bike.

Other entertainment for the rest of the day included a showing at the cinema of ‘Bad Boys’ (hint – always sit on the balcony). This was followed by a coach trip to the local fireworks display which due to the wind direction had incompletely burnt fireworks landing in the crowd.
On Saturday night the fancy dress was out in force. Contestants included Adam and Eve (fig leaves that appeared to be stuck on and a lot of bravery), a Punk and some silly pirate with a parrot on his shoulder. Group entries included the Titanic and the Wedding party complete with presents. The winners were Adam and Eve in the individual and the Titanic in the group competition. The entertainment for the night included Jaki Graham and Four Bills and a Ben who were excellent !!!

On Sunday it was up early for a ride in a DUKW. This World War II amphibious vehicle took us out into the Wash. I can well recommend this as a good remedy for anything that ails you, i.e. kill or cure, but good fun all the same. Sunday afternoon saw us back at the local showhouse for four acts. The comic was good and faced down a lot of heckling from an unruly crowd. The magician tore apart some silly person in the middle of the auditorium who was shouting abuse. The juggler dropped his balls and then the person he chose to assist him couldn’t light the torches for the finale. Finally the illusionist did his turn with a very medieval/gothic slant.

Supper was a local Chinese with the evening’s entertainment back at the venue being Clock, who were full of energy and life, but their repertoire of 5 songs and a new single was a bit limited. They were followed by Those Glamrockers who were also excellent but as I’m too young to remember the seventies it was just a case of watching all the older plussers getting down to groove their stuff.

This was my first WASH and I shall be going again next year, see you there. The only thing is that I didn’t get the kiss I was promised by Sandra the National Chairman – I don’t know whether to be relieved or not ?

MATTHEW C Bedford 18 Plus (Plus News February 1996)

One of the WASH ducks buying a pint at the Sundowner Bar

Karaoke in the Sundowner Bar
(note : Sandra the National Chairman has not got
a microphone… with her voice are you suprised ?)

A funny thing happened…

Andy Animal, Roberto Dosserillo (see ‘Dossers’ page)… and Paul

Although I was tempted to leave him out of these pages entirely, no record of WASH would be complete without a mention of Paul from Rugby. Nobody who went to WASH up until 1996 could fail to have noticed him, heckling the DJ’s and the Comedians, singing badly at the Karaoke, sitting in the ‘Royal Box’ in the Princess Theatre and generally making himself the centre of attention.
The funniest thing came about at the Princess Theatre the year he stopped coming, the Comedy Show performers who had played WASH in the past were prepared for him, with signs stuck on the wall by the Box (“Is it a bird ?, Is it a plane ? – No it’s Paul “) and jokes and supposed ad-libs in their acts at his expense… but he had the last laugh… he wasn’t there.

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