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Caches No’s 2933 to 2956 – The Whixley Wander

Submitted by on Monday, 7 October 2013No Comment
Caches No’s 2933 to 2956 – The Whixley Wander

Monday, and I was down to 62 caches needed in 17 days, but with forecast of the weather getting iffy later in the week I decided to take the afternoon and go and do a series I’ve had on my radar to do for 6 months, but never got round to doing, but now with the numbers required and the weather turning, it was a case of make hay while the sun shines, or at least go walking before it rains and the paths all turn to mud.

7th October 2013 – whixley wander no1 GC3A0C1 – cache #2933
I was on this cache before I had really got myself sorted out and was somehow expecting it to be further along, but the cacher’s eye was attracted to the camouflage and I quickly retrieved the cache


7th October 2013 – whixley wander no2 GC3A0CV – cache #2934
For the first, but definitely not the last time today I found myself on the wrong side of the hedge… from number one I blithely followed the trackalong the side of the field… ignoring the gate into the next field… until I got to the top corner and realised that I was on the wrong side of the hedge, so backtrack to the gate and then proceed up the correct side of the hedge.
Finding the cache was easier than getting to it !


7th October 2013 – whixley wander No3 GC4B97B – cache #2935
Not so much hidden as lying in the open… so was an easy find (once on the right side of the hedge)
I tucked it back out of the way in line with the hint


7th October 2013 – whixley wander No4 (Holly) GC4B989 – cache #2936
Once on the right side of the hedge it was an easy find


7th October 2013 – whixley wander 5 GC4B98K – cache #2937
The cows in the next field weren’t really interested in moving off the path until I got to within a couple of yards, but they weren’t the issue with getting the cache… No, it was the two horses and Shetland Pony over the fence who were more of a problem… I think they want you to pay a toll of Polo’s or sugar lumps or whatever, and having been bitten by a horse for ignoring it while I picked a cache out of a hedge I was definitely wary of taking my eyes of these three.
Anyway, in the end I got the cache signed and replaced from the cows side of the fence, then had to persuade the horses to move aside and let me over the stile !


7th October 2013 – whixley wander 6 (log pile) GC4B994 – cache #2938
The track was a little wet and muddy in places… only going to get worse over the Autumn and Winter so I was glad I did the walk before the weather got any wetter. I didn’t have much problem finding the cache, I just moved every log until I discovered it


7th October 2013 – whixley wander No7 GC4B99B – cache #2939
The hint says under a stone, and there are many of them about, but a cacher’s trail leads to the right one


7th October 2013 – whixley wander No9 (old feeder) GC4B9A4 – cache #2940
I was getting no clear signal from the GPS under the tress so it was a good job that the hint is so prescriptive, as that made finding it easy
(Just as a note for information – there isn’t a No8 in the series !)


7th October 2013 – whixley wander No10 (slow coach) GC4B9A9 – cache #2941
I like a cache that makes you smile


7th October 2013 – whixley wander No11 GC4B9AM – cache #2942
This wasn’t quite what I was expecting to find, it seems like the container is missing, just a log in a plastic bag


7th October 2013 – whixley wander No12 (stumped) GC4B9AX – cache #2943
Walking along the thick solid hedge I was a bit concerned that there seemed to be nowhere to hide a cache, but the coordinates lead you to a name matching feature that the cache is hidden at.


7th October 2013 – whixley wander No13 GC4B9BA – cache #2944
I wasn’t sure which side of the hedge to be on, so I made a choice… and then as I was walking along the path I decided to look at the description… and found I was on the wrong side… so another backtrack to the start of the hedge and a walk along the correct side.
Then I couldn’t find the cache, and wondered whether I was on the right side after all, but reading previous finders logs I discovered how to find the cache and I did the same… Another cache to make you smile… Though I am not sure the dog walker I surprised by appearing suddenly out of the bushes was smiling… he looked a bit shocked !


7th October 2013 – whixley wander No14 (broken) GC4B9BJ – cache #2945
No problem finding this as I’d actually read the cache name so just looked where there was something Broken


7th October 2013 – whixley wander No15 (no Protection) GC4B9BY – cache #2946
There are several places that kind of fit in with the cache name and hint… but a just about visible cacher’s trail lead me to the right one


7th October 2013 – whixley wander No16 GC4B9C8 – cache #2947
An obvious feature hides the cache when you get to the coordinates


7th October 2013 – whixley wander No17 (luck dip) GC4B9D6 – cache #2948
A big hole and a big container… but spiders webs across the hole made this a bit icky… I don’t like spiders


7th October 2013 – whixley wander No18 (Twisted tree) GC4B9DG – cache #2949
I wasn’t sure which side of the hedge to be on to get from No17 – but for once I chose the right side, even though I was doubting myself as the path seemed to disappear at the hedge… but it turned off behind a bush so I got to the right place… and then had to work out which hint object was the right one… a previous finders log helped with a clue to that


7th October 2013 – whixley wander No19 GC4B9DR – cache #2950
The cacher’s favourite – Ivy… fortunately the cache isn’t that hard to find


7th October 2013 – whixley wander No20 GC4B9E3 – cache #2951
Poked about a bit and found nothing, but reading the previous finders log led me straight to the cache


7th October 2013 – whixley wander No21 (left or right) GC3DGGT – cache #2952
As I’ve said before I’ve seen enough fake rock keysafes to recognise them for what they are from a few feet away.


7th October 2013 – clock hill GC3DGHD – cache #2953
As I have said on many cache logs before I like a cache with a convenient bench nearby on which to sit and write the log… though this time I am afraid I couldn’t sign the log as the box was full of water and the log just fell apart like tissue paper as I unfolded it


7th October 2013 – Take a short walk GC3DGG8 – cache #2954
I took a short walk down to the cache, the container is not watertight so the outside edge of the log is a little damp, but in the middle of the roll where I was signing it was dry… somehow I don’t think it will stay dry over the cold wet winter !


7th October 2013 – stumpy GC3Z0E5 – cache #2955
The cache name leaves little doubt as to where the cache is…It was just after 5pm which must be rush hour on this road which goes nowhere much and isn’t a short cut from anywhere to anywhere as it was surprisingly busy


7th October 2013 – jacks walk 8 GC3J4WZ – cache #2956
I logged a DNF on this cache back in May last year… so after doing the Whixley Wander I made my way over here in order to finish off the Jack’s Walk series…
This time I made a better job of searching and found the cache quite quickly


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